Mariah Carey apparently had an incident when she went clubbing in Aspen. Rebel Wilson, who was with the singer at the time, shared details about what exactly happened in a recent interview.

Wilson had never met Carey before, but she did go out clubbing with the singer when they were in Aspen. In an interview with Ellen Degeneres posted on the YouTube channel of “The Ellen Show,” Wilson said that she likes Carey’s music.

Carey and Wilson went to the Caribou Club in Aspen. Wilson pointed out that she doesn’t really go out clubbing, even though she looks like a person who parties a lot. The actress prefers soaking in bubble baths over going out.

The club that they went to was very exclusive, and the security person demanded that the celebrities give them their coats. Carey was not ready to take off her coat, according to Wilson. The singer explained to the security guard that the coat was a part of the outfit she was wearing.

While Carey and the guard were having their discussion, Wilson was worried because it was “freezing cold” outside the club, and she really wanted to get in as quickly as possible. In the end, Carey relented and did what was “best for the group,” Wilson said. “She’s a team player,” the actress added.

After getting inside the club, they started playing Carey’s songs. Wilson and her new friend spent time dancing and enjoying themselves, so the actress felt that things “turned out alright.” Wilson also called Carey an “awesome” person.

Carey is currently preparing for her world tour that starts on Feb. 22 in Texas. In a previous interview with Billboard, the singer said that she will be singing new songs along with the ones that her fans will be familiar with. She also expressed her excitement about being there with the fans during the tour.

One of the places that Carey will be visiting is Saudi Arabia. Although there have been protests demanding for the singer to cancel her performance, her rep confirmed that she will be going ahead with the performance, USA Today reported.

Mariah Carey
Rebel Wilson shared details about an incident involving Mariah Carey in a recent interview. In Picture: Mariah Carey poses in the press room during the 2018 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on October 9, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images/ Matthew Simmons