YouTube star Marina Joyce shocked her fans on the internet when she posted a video of herself that showed bruises all over her arms. Many assumed she had been kidnaped and left secret messages in the video so she could be saved. While Joyce has said many times that she was fine, some were not convinced because the bruises were never explained. So to satiate inquiring minds, Joyce released a new video where she explained her black and blues.

“I went to the forest once and then I smacked into something and I got really badly bruised and I bruise quite easily,” she said Wednesday during a YouTube interview with Phillip DeFranco. “But I had quite a fall and it wasn’t very good. But because I like to go adventure in the park and do stuff like that I ended up falling over and that happened and it gave me a load of bruises. I ended up having all these bruises. And that’s the reason why everyone said #SaveMarinaJoyce and that’s why this happened, really.”

The #savemarinajoyce hashtag started after she shared her “Date Outfit Ideas” video last Friday. She appeared expressionless and her personality had apparently changed. Fans were so worried about their favorite YouTuber they even called local police. Authorities took their concerns seriously and checked on the blonde fashionista. They soon released a statement that said she was “safe and well.”

Her mother, Cheryl, even spoke out. “Everyone is fine,” she said in an exclusive statement to the Sun Thursday. “We don't understand what has happened. Everyone is coming up with strange conspiracy theories about ISIS and being kidnapped.” Cheryl added: “It's gone over the top. It's not a publicity stunt. And she is not being held by ISIS.”

The ISIS rumor ran rampant Wednesday after Joyce said she would meet up with fans. Many assumed it was a trap set by the terror group.

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