Mark Wahlberg revealed that his Thanksgiving plans were interrupted when director Ridley Scott decided to replace Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer in their already-finished J. Paul Getty biopic, “All the Money in the World.”

While Wahlberg preferred to spend his Thanksgiving holiday with his family, the 46-year-old actor told Entertainment Tonight that he supported Scott’s initiative to reshoot all scenes previously filmed with Spacey after the actor was accused of sexual misconduct by several people.

“You have all these artists that worked on this movie and Ridley Scott wanted to make sure that their work was seen,” Wahlberg explained of why he backed the filmmaker’s decision to cut Spacey out of the movie. “And so [when] he said he was gonna reshoot the movie, I said ‘OK, we’ll cancel Thanksgiving.’”

The turnaround was so swift that Wahlberg and Plummer — who took over the role of J. Paul Getty from Spacey — hadn’t even met at all prior to filming together.

“I walked on the set and I met Chris that day,” Wahlberg recalled. "He was already in wardrobe and makeup in front of the camera. We said hello literally in front of the camera as Ridley was saying rolling and we started shooting.”

Despite the limited time the production had for the reshoots, it seems that all the hassle has paid off, as Plummer was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance as J. Paul Getty, an oil tycoon who refused to pay ransom after his grandson was kidnapped by an organized crime group.

“I find it quite extraordinary,” the 88-year-old actor said of his Golden Globe nod. “I haven't seen the movie yet and I’m nominated.”

“I don't know what he’s done,” Plummer said of Scott. “He may have cut my performance completely out of the film, I don't know. I’m thrilled and pleased. It’s wild.”

In a separate interview with Entertainment Tonight last month, Plummer said that he didn’t have any hesitation about taking on the role of J. Paul Getty after Spacey because he’d been in talks to do the part before the “House of Cards” actor was cast. “At one point we were discussing doing it in the early days,” Plummer revealed.

“The situation is very sad, because he’s such a talented guy,” Plummer said of Spacey’s exit from the film. “The whole circumstance is sad. But I’ve got to forget that and go and do it, because it’s a very well written script and Ridley has been very good.”

“All the Money in the World” opens in theaters on Dec. 25.