MAFS First Year Cortney Jason
Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion talked about a marriage proposal in “Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2, episode 6, despite being married for nearly two years. FYI

Location is very important to the “Married at First Sight: The First Year” couples. In Season 2, episode 6, Jamie Otis revealed she has been lonely since moving to New Jersey with Doug Hehner. Meanwhile, Cortney Hendrix tried to convince Jason Carrion to move to her home state, North Carolina. However, she first wants her husband to propose to her.

Cortney and Jason

Cortney takes Jason to her hometown in North Carolina for vacation. Immediately, the two get into a small fight over Jason’s driving. Cortney says she can tell he is from the city because he isn’t exactly a great driver.

They go to Cortney’s friend Marla’s house to meet her husband and babies. Marla asks if they’re remaining in New York, and Jason says they’ll eventually move down South but he doesn’t know when.

Once Cortney and Marla are alone, Cortney says she wants to hold off on kids for two or three years. When Marla’s husband asks Jason about the same subject, Jason says he wants to be financially stable before becoming a dad.

Seeing Marla’s family makes Jason wish he'd had a similar upbringing. It reinforces his need to deal with his issues surrounding his father before he and Cortney build a family.

While they’re driving, Cortney and Jason stumble upon an open house. Jason is amazed by the amount of space they could have. He is definitely tempted to move to North Carolina but he says his heart is still in Brooklyn.

Cortney sets up a dinner with her six of her closest gal pals, and Jason feels a little out of place with all the women. One of her friends asks when Cortney will change her last name, and Cortney says she wants a ring first. She wants Jason to actually propose, a gesture they couldn’t experience on “Married at First Sight.” When she leaves the table for a minute, they all want to know when he is going to pop the question. Jason says only “sooner rather than later.”

The two go whitewater rafting and Jason finally starts feeling like this is a real vacation. However, Cortney brings up the proposal again. She wants to take his last name but only after he proposes. She wants him to put the effort into the gesture so they can have one part of their story that's typical. Jason wonders if this is just about the diamond ring.

“I can buy my own ring, don’t forget that,” Cortney says.

“Maybe you should,” Jason says. He admits he’d like her to eventually take his last name, and they quickly move past their fight. Jason says he understands why she loves her home state and that he could see himself living there.

Before they leave, Cortney visits her grandmother’s grave for the first time since they buried her. It’s an emotional moment, and Jason supports his wife as she mourns the loss.

MAFS Jamie and Doug
Jamie Otis told Doug Hehner that she has been lonely in “Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2, episode 6. FYI

Jamie and Doug

Jamie tells the cameras she has “cut back” on communication with her ex. “It’s hard because my ex is my best friend,” she explains. “So it’s lonely when Doug is at work all day and then he goes right to the gym afterwards.”

Doug is often gone from 8:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. When he comes home, he is tired and doesn’t really want to hang out with his wife. He just wants to relax, and Jamie doesn’t feel like she is getting any quality time with him.

Realizing she always feels lonely in New Jersey, Jamie goes to Dr. Pepper Schwartz. She isn’t thrilled that they’re always reaching out to the sociologist, but she knows they need more help.

They talk about how Doug has grown distant, and Dr. Pepper believes it is related to Jamie’s feelings for her ex. Dr. Pepper recommends more communication and says Jamie should tell her husband about her loneliness without making him feel guilty.

Jamie tells Doug she wants another dog so she has another friend. Doug asks her if she is lonely, and Jamie admits she doesn’t get to see her friends from New York anymore. She says she doesn’t think it would be a problem if she had a baby, but Doug isn’t so sure that’s a solution.

Doug doesn’t know how to help his wife, so he calls Dr. Pepper. She tells him he needs to explain that although he doesn’t want babies and a house right now, he needs to acknowledge them as an option for the future. She says he should help Jamie be happier in her own life right now. She suggests organizing more activities for them to do together.

He plans a day volunteering at Sammy’s Hope, an animal shelter. They help clean cages and feed animals before playing with some dogs.

Neph and Jasmine

Neph Rodriguez wants his girlfriend to get a job in New York. Jasmine doesn’t really appreciate the pressure when she is still adjusting to the city. He says she was “spoiled” in Texas by the five-minute commute to her job and that she will likely be looking at an hourlong trip to work in the future. Neph also tells her she should start establishing her own hobbies and group of friends.

Jasmine understands he means well, but she can’t get settled into her new life. She just moved across the country and needs time to get a job, friends and hobbies. Neph's concerns seem to stem from problems with an ex. He says he hopes Jasmine doesn’t become codependent because that caused issues in previous relationships.

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