“Married At First Sight” episode 3 proved that honeymoons can be more romantic than the actual weddings. All three couples took trips and connected to their new spouses, but it felt more like a first date than the beginning of happily ever after for the strangers.

Monet and Vaughn

When Vaughn and Monet leave their wedding, all the nerves disappear. The two joke around and Monet has clearly gotten over her anxiety from the wedding. Vaughn says, “Honestly there’s nothing awkward between me and Monet.”

They’re the only couple who consummate their marriage on their wedding night.

The couple travels to their surprise honeymoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They go paddleboarding and sailing, but they don’t really talk about their relationship.

“The physical side of us being attracted to each other is the easy part,” Monet says. “But getting to know each other outside of the bedroom is awkward.”

Vaughn admits they lack chemistry, but Monet is confused. She doesn’t feel like they should have a ton of chemistry when they haven’t known each other a week. He claims that she doesn’t want to engage with him. Vaughn explains, “It’s happened on more than one occasion and it makes me just want to be further and further away from you.”

They finish their honeymoon with a romantic dinner. Vaughn and Monet talk about what they want in a significant other (though Vaughn seemed to talk more about Monet’s physical attributes than emotional aspects of the relationship) and they seem to be on good terms.

Jamie and Doug

Doug and Jamie change out of their wedding clothes and just talk. Jamie doesn’t even want Doug touching her and tries to convince him to sleep on the couch.

Doug gives Jamie his scrapbook, a guide to his life. Jamie is touched by the gift, and she notes that she doesn’t have a big, loving family like Doug’s. She tells the audience that her mother was on drugs, so she has never seen a healthy relationship.

Jamie can’t remember Doug’s last name in the morning, but Doug forgives her easily. Doug actually works around a lot of Jamie’s quirks. He lets her call it a vacation instead of a honeymoon and stops calling her his wife when it makes her uncomfortable. Jamie starts to warm up to Doug as the trip goes on.

“How’d they find someone that was quirky and okay with my quirks?” Jamie asks.

The two travel to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Jamie admits that she wishes they were in separate beds. She deals with sharing the bed and seems to actually enjoy her vacation with Doug. They swim with sea lions and lie out on the beach. When the two go in the ocean, Doug gets stung by a jellyfish. Jamie, a labor and delivery nurse, feels bad that she cannot do anything to make his pain better. The two start to bond and make a connection.

“I’m just realizing that we have so much in common. I’m enjoying this process, I really am,” Jamie says.

By the end of the trip, Jamie is comfortable with Doug touching her. The two share their first kiss over their romantic dinner, and they go to sleep spooning.

Cortney and Jason

Jason and Cortney jump on the bed at the beginning of their wedding night, and that’s all the action that bed sees. The two decide to wait to have sex.

The couple heads to the Poconos for their honeymoon. Though neither like the cold, the two manage to have fun. They start off with a couples massage and then go horseback riding, which Southern belle Cortney has experience with. Jason participates to make his new wife happy, but he admits that he is scared.

“I’m not really worried about making a fool out of myself, but I just don’t want to die.” Jason says. He makes it through without a scratch.

Cortney says that despite Jason being a gentleman, the bathtub with rose petals in the room puts pressure on them. They eventually get in the tub (with bathing suits) and discuss their lives.

Jason explains his career as an EMT and a firefighter. He’s always caring for others. Cortney reminds him that he needs to make time for himself. These two are the only couple viewers see getting beyond small talk and flirting. Cortney and Jason decide to have sex in the middle of their honeymoon.

On their last night, the couple heads off to their romantic dinner. Jason admits that he felt better when he realized that neither of them had family at the wedding. He also voices his concern about their work schedules. Cortney is a makeup artist and burlesque dancer, so she has a hectic schedule. Jason’s boxing hobby and his work as an EMT prevent him from having a 9-to-5 schedule as well. Cortney and Jason don’t want to leave their honeymoon because they’re both unsure of how their everyday lives will fit together.  

With one week down, the couples now have three weeks to determine if they want to stay married or if they want a divorce. 

“Married At First Sight” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on FYI. Do you think these couples will make it through the four weeks?