jason and cortney married at first sight episode 9 recap
Jason still had trouble opening up to Cortney in "Married At First Sight" Season 1 episode 9, and that might put their marriage in danger. A+E Networks

Married At First Sight” Season 1 episode 9 brought the newlyweds to their one-month anniversaries. They only have a little time left before they answer the final question: till death do they part or divorce? The couples each see spiritualist Greg Epstein to get some expert advice in what could be their last days of holy matrimony. “I want them to learn in these next few days what it feels like to fight. To fight for love,” Greg said. Find out who was fighting and who was giving up in episode 9, “Last Chance At Romance”:

Jason and Cortney

Cortney involved Jason in her burlesque show to get some more time together before he started at the fire academy. The couple is still concerned that they won’t have time for each other when Jason starts his training.

They also went on a dinner cruise after realizing that they hadn’t gone on a romantic dinner since their honeymoon. For a couple so worried about having time together, they seem to be the only couple who really makes time for each other without an expert telling them to.

It’s Jason’s vulnerability, or lack thereof, that continued to be a problem. “For Jason and I to really work, it’s really important that he can show me when he’s hurt and for him to allow himself to be vulnerable around me,” Cortney said.

Jason said his instincts were still telling him to protect himself. When he went to meet his friend Josh, viewers realized that this is a pattern for Jason. “The moment things start to go good, you start to question it,” Josh pointed out.

Josh told Jason that he can't just leave now that he is in a marriage. Jason told him that he could leave Cortney if he wanted to. He refused to be vulnerable because he is still affected by past relationships. He has had unfaithful partners before, and he didn’t trust Cortney completely yet.

The couple visited the expert spiritualist, Greg, for a check in.

“I’ve learned to begin to trust somebody,” Jason said. It’s the complete opposite of what Jason said to his friend earlier.

Greg was surprised that their marriage made the two grow so much as individuals.

For their one-month anniversary, Cortney bought Jason tickets to see "Rocky" on Broadway. Jason bought matching shirts that said “Keep Calm and Carrion” (Carrion is his last name). The shirts had their names and wedding date on the back, and she loved them. Jason was a little shy when he explained the gift to the camera. He said he wasn’t often cheesy, but he wanted to give Cortney something she would love.

“Cortney’s taken care of me and she did something that no one ever really did for me before. It brought me close to her, but this whole thing—it’s scary,” Jason said.

Cortney knew that she wanted to stay married, but Jason wasn’t so sure.

“I hope our heads are in the right place,” Jason explained.

“I hope our heads and our hearts are in the same place,” Cortney said.

Jamie and Doug

The couple was still recovering from Doug’s lie last week. Psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona had them write down all of the ways that they may have hurt or frustrated each other. Doug apologized for lying, and Jamie apologized for how long it took her to open up.

“Maybe I tend to over look what Doug needs and [I need to ask] am I being a good wife?” Jamie said.

Doug and Jamie talked about their future. “I believe more in marriage not working out than I believe in it working out,” Jamie added. However, that didn’t mean that she was giving up on her relationship with Doug.

They met with Greg and recapped their challenges. They explained that they were still regaining trust and Greg challenged them to do something romantic. Greg isn’t so sure that they’ll choose to stay together.

“I am [romantic], but I save it for when I’m really in love,” Jamie told Doug. It really hurt her husband to hear that Jamie still didn’t love him. Doug worried about Jamie’s continued negativity.

Their one-month anniversary presents weren’t traditional enough to be wrapped. Doug performed at an open mic night for Jamie. He altered his performance just for Jamie because she said she didn’t like R-rated humor. He dedicated the set to his wife.

“It’s perfect for me. It’s super romantic,” Jamie said.

Yet she still didn’t feel ready to fall in love with him. However that didn’t stop her from getting him a thoughtful anniversary gift. Jamie’s present to Doug was a photo shoot. Their wedding day photo shoot was super awkward because Jamie was so apprehensive, so she gave him a do over. They felt much more comfortable in front of a camera now.

Vaughn and Monet

The couple read apology letters to each other after their latest fight (Vaughn called their relationship “civil”). Monet apologized for not cooking enough meals and hurting Vaughn’s feelings. Vaughn apologized for his impatience. Both felt much better after hearing sincere apologies.

Vaughn and Monet both said that they understood how to communicate now. Monet said that she knew how to ask for certain things now, and Vaughn asked her to elaborate. She said that she realized asking for traditional gender roles can lead to some sexism. “I don’t think that asking your wife to cook is chauvinistic at all. I think that expecting her to cook is chauvinistic,” Monet clarified.

Vaughn, for once, listened and didn’t just explode. He listened to her thought process and found that her actions made much more sense after he heard her explain why she felt a certain way.

Epstein challenged them to go on a sort of first date and give each other a clean slate. They went on a date, and it went much better than their last date (during which Vaughn brought up threesomes). The two asked each other basic questions about what they wanted in terms of romance, children and life together.

“Everything’s been going great. Maybe we’ll find romance and love and happiness,” Monet said.

For their one-month anniversary, they both bought each other watches. They joked that Monet is always late and Vaughn loves being on time. They couple was impressed that they were both thinking along similar lines when they went shopping.

“Married At First Sight’s” most tumultuous relationship seemed to finally be working out, but that doesn’t mean they’ll live happily ever after.

“Do the pros outweigh the cons?” Vaughn asked. They’ll have to answer that question in the Sept. 9 finale.

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