A week of marriage put our three couples in very different places. In “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 5, one couple had to deal with jealousy and a lack of trust while others realized that they’re having very strong feelings for each other. However, even with romantic feelings, it’s hard for all the couples on the FYI reality show to be completely open with strangers. 

Lillian and Tom

Lillian Vilchez still doesn’t know that Tom Wilson lives on a bus. He’s concerned about her reaction, so he has been keeping it a secret. Lillian mentions that it’s amazing that they’re getting along so well — almost too good to be true.

Tom calls Pastor Cal Roberson to discuss how to tell his wife that he lives in a renovated tour bus. He has only told Lillian that he owns a home near the beach. Cal tells him to be confident and tell her the truth. The two go zip lining in the jungle, and Tom doesn’t bring up the subject while they’re having fun.

Tom tells the cameras he is scared that he is going to fall in love with his wife very quickly. He can feel himself developing intense feelings for Lillian.

The newlyweds go horseback riding in the ocean and share some personal moments about their biggest failures and regrets. Lillian is happy that they’re being so open and vulnerable.

At dinner, they talk about where they’re going to live. Lillian says her house is too far from his job, so he won’t like it. He says moving in will be a challenge because they’ve only known each other a week. Lillian is ready to put work into their marriage, but the real estate agent still doesn’t realize that Tom lives in a tour bus. He manages to avoid telling her his secret.

Lillian Tom MAFS “Married at First Sight” Season 4 star Lillian Vilchez does not know everything about her husband Tom Wilson yet. Photo: FYI

Sonia and Nick

These two still haven’t consummated their marriage. Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast are just working on building their friendship, and they’re obviously growing closer. Their salsa-dancing lesson ends with a kiss.

They get a little competitive with their kite boarding lessons, but Sonia says she feels like it brings them closer. After their day of fun, Sonia brings up their fight. Nick tells her again that she was overthinking it. Sonia reminds him that she doesn’t know him that well yet. She isn’t so sure what he’s thinking.

When they do their pillow talk activity, they both say that they wish they could read each other’s minds so they could understand each other more. They also admit that they’ve both been in love before.

Later, Nick gives Sonia gifts for their one-week anniversary. She gets a bunch of cute souvenirs like a photo frame and tank top. Sonia is surprised and thinks it’s a sweet, thoughtful gesture.

They continue their competitive streak when they ride ATVs later, and Sonia wins the race. Nick takes her out to dinner to celebrate her victory. They talk about their fear of confrontation, and as they’re talking, Sonia realizes that they’ve grown very close.

Sonia Nick MAFS Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados bonded in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 5. Photo: FYI

Heather and Derek

After their blowout fight, Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel have breakfast together and don’t really talk about what happened. Derek calls it “fake nice” but Heather thinks they’re moving on. Derek is still optimistic, though. He hopes that surfing lessons will bring them together.

Heather isn’t romantically interested at this point, but she knows Derek has some great qualities. She’s putting her best foot forward. She enjoys their surf lesson, but Derek has a problem when he sees Heather and the instructor holding hands. The teacher is leading her back to her board, but Derek is still upset.

When they go to explore some caves later, Heather thinks she and Derek are fine. She’s even starting to warm up to him. Derek is happy that they’re bonding in a cave, but she suddenly leaves the cave without him.

Heather says people are waiting to get into the cave, so she thinks they should get out after they’ve explored. Derek is angry that she seems more considerate of strangers than of her husband. He doesn’t like that she held hands with the instructor, and he doesn’t understand why she was willing to flick a bug off the instructor’s chest when she said she hates bugs. Heather feels like she’s “talking to an emotional teenage girl.”

Heather doesn’t know what to tell him. She’d rather focus on what went well today. Derek talks to his diary camera and says that he’s “stuck” here, and he just wants to get along with his wife. The two go back to the hotel in separate cars. Heather goes to bed without doing their assigned pillow talk questions.

The next day, the two call Pastor Cal to get some advice. They explain what has happened, and Derek gets worked up and says he is close to giving up. Pastor Cal tells Heather that she has to let her walls down, and they both have to confront their conflicts.

It still doesn’t seem like Heather is confident in their relationship. “I’m not the girl I was on Day One with hearts in my eyes and hope in my heart,” she tells the cameras.

At dinner, they talk about the future, but Heather is exhausted. She decides that they should enjoy their last night without drama. They have several drinks over dinner, and Derek feels like Heather is finally flirting with him.

 “Married at First Sight” Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8:45 p.m. EDT on FYI.