MAFS Sonia
Sonia Granados revealed that she is very emotional in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 3. FYI

The honeymoon is just getting started for the “Married at First Sight” couples, but they aren’t carefree yet. The newlyweds are still getting to know each other as they head to exotic locations. For some, it’s like they’ve been together a long time, but others definitely started to feel a little uncomfortable being around a stranger in Season 4, episode 3 of the FYI series. They also began to discover what they don’t like about their significant others.

Lillian and Tom

Tom Wilson feeds Lillian Vilchez chocolate covered strawberries in their hotel room after the wedding. The two share plenty of kisses, but they don’t have sex. “We did not consummate the marriage,” Tom tells the cameras. “We already have so much sexual tension that eventually it’s gonna be like a champagne bottle. It’s gonna explode.”

Lillian says that she already feels safe and taken care of, but she’s a little nervous about having brunch with both of their families in the morning. However, their families get along well and say the two are a good match.

Before they leave for their honeymoon, communications expert Rachel DeAlto checks in on them. Lillian says it’s easy to talk to her new husband. The expert is glad they’re getting to know each other on a deeper level, but she worries that they’ll have a reality check at some point and fall off cloud nine.

While they’re on the way to their honeymoon, Tom starts asking Lillian about where she could live. She says she could live in pretty small spaces. Tom doesn’t mention that he lives in a tour bus though. He’s worried he’ll lose her.

The two are excited to get to their hotel room in Jamaica. Lillian asks her husband about his insecurities. He says that he’s worried about being with someone who is afraid of commitment.

Later, the two seem to be getting more comfortable with each other. Lillian even tells the cameras that they might consummate their marriage soon.

Heather and Derek

Heather Seidel and Derek Schwartz want to get to know each other more before having sex, so their wedding night is just spent talking and sleeping. At brunch with their families the next day, Heather’s mother tries to learn more about Derek. She jokes that he should give his wife chocolate and wine to keep her happy.

Rachel visits and gives the couple homework for their honeymoon. She wants them to get some “pillowtalk” in. She gives them some topics to talk about before going to bed each night.

As a flight attendant, Heather has been to Puerto Rico a few times before, but it’s Derek’s first time. She is excited to show him around. When they get there, Derek says he liked being greeted as “Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz.” Heather isn’t so sure about the name, but she doesn’t tell him that. She seems a little more cautious than he is.

Heather doesn’t know a lot about her husband yet, but he has some preferences that she doesn’t appreciate. He smokes right before dinner, and Heather tells the cameras that a habit like that would’ve been an immediate turn off on a date. But they’re married.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz explains to the audience that Heather said she was okay with an “occasional smoker.” Heather discovers that Derek’s version of occasional is once a week. That concerns her, but she doesn’t say anything to him. She knows that she needs to discover what they have in common.

Sonia and Nick

Sonia Granados doesn’t let Nick Pendergrast carry her over the threshold. She reveals to the cameras that she was worried he wouldn’t actually be able to carry her. She didn’t want either of them to be embarrassed. The two get changed and drink some whiskey together before going to sleep.

They don’t consummate their marriage, but they get to know each other. The next morning before brunch with their families, Nick shows his wife how to iron a shirt. “He’s definitely a little metro, but I think it’s cute because he has such a masculine confident side to him that it kind of overshadows his little girly ways,” Sonia says.

Sonia and Nick’s families get along well at brunch. Sonia has a Spanish family and Nick is Italian, so they feel like their families have similar customs.

Rachel can tell that the couple is “cautiously optimistic” when she visits, and she thinks they’re pretty mature. The expert has the newlyweds look each other in the eye and say they’re married. It makes them a little uncomfortable.

Rachel tells them that they need to be vulnerable. They have to show all of themselves, even the side that they might not think someone would fall in love with. Sonia starts to tear up when Rachel says that, and Sonia explains that she is scared to be vulnerable. Her last boyfriend cheated on her after she was vulnerable with him, so she can’t quite trust someone she just met.

While the two are on their way to their honeymoon, Sonia mentions she’d love to go horseback riding. Nick questions how she could enjoy a huge animal when she told him that she was afraid of dogs (and her new husband has two pups at home). Sonia can’t explain it and Nick drops the subject.

The two seem to be in good spirits when they get to the Dominican Republic. Nick is happy that he is making Sonia laugh a lot, and Sonia seems committed to learning to trust her husband.

“Married at First Sight” Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8:45 p.m. EDT on FYI.