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Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson decided they could not live on a tour bus together in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 6. FYI

The honeymoon is officially over, and real life is even more difficult. In “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 6, the couples had to figure out things that most couples don’t worry about for months or even years into their relationships. The newlyweds had to decide where they wanted to live and learned about each other’s financial situations. However, one couple didn’t do any of this. Someone needed a break from their marriage already in the FYI series.

Lillian and Tom

Tom Wilson still hasn’t told Lillian Vilchez that he lives in a tour bus. He is scared, but he can’t hide any longer. They’re leaving their honeymoon and heading back to Florida to move in together.

When they get back to Miami, Lillian shows Tom her house. Her dog Zeus seems to love her husband. Tom likes her place and is happy to see that she isn’t very materialistic. Still, he doesn’t mention that he lives in a bus, and Lillian admits that she is a bit concerned that he hasn’t said much about his home.

Lillian finds out he lives on a tour bus when Tom brings her to his home and she doesn’t exactly love it. She asked the experts for someone who was independent and financially safe, and she worries that they didn’t listen. Still, she keeps an open mind. After processing the shock, she’s actually impressed with how it’s designed. “I love the bus, it’s beautiful,” she tells the cameras.

However, she notes that there’s no space for her stuff. She knows she has to give the bus a chance if she wants her marriage to work, though. She’s willing to give it time.

The living situation isn’t the only thing they have to worry about. They have to discuss finances. Neither have guaranteed salaries, but they average roughly the same income. Tom says that he doesn’t want to join their banking accounts and everything right away. Lillian agrees that they should wait on that, and Tom asks her for a postnuptial agreement.

“The post-nup agreement can ruin everything great that has happened,” Lillian tells the cameras. Yet she tells her husband it’s fair. She quickly realizes it’s smart because they’ve only known each other a week. She hopes that one day they’ll combine their finances.

The next day, Lillian reveals that she hates his mattress and didn’t sleep very well. The light in the shower goes off when they use too much electricity, and Lillian knows she can’t get ready there every day.

“I love the bus, but it’s not going to work because I am married now,” Tom admits.

Tom and Lillian start looking for homes. She mentions that she wants kids in maybe five years, but Tom thinks they could have babies even sooner than that. They eventually find a house with plenty of closet space that’s perfect for them.

Sonia and Nick

Nick Pendergrast wants to be friends with Sonia Granados. They haven’t had sex yet because he wants to have a connection with his wife first. He and Sonia both admit that they want a physical relationship to start at some point.

When they get home from the honeymoon, they sleep in their separate homes. The next day, they look at each other’s houses. However, Nick doesn’t really want to move into Sonia’s apartment. He doesn’t want to move his dogs, so they go take a look at his place.

Sonia is afraid of dogs, so she’s nervous to meet Nick’s pups. Sonia isn’t sure Nick understands her fear. She’s also a little jealous. Nick gives the dogs plenty of kisses and attention. “His relationship with the dogs is like creepily close,” Sonia tells the cameras.

Aside from his dogs, Sonia likes his place, but it’s a long commute to her job. The two decide that it makes more sense to find a new place together.

Before looking for a new place, they have to figure out their budget. The newlyweds discuss their finances, and they’re in very different places. Sonia has a lot of credit card debt and student loans, and Nick is still in student loan debt as well. Nick makes twice as much as his wife, but he really admires that Sonia is a social worker and doesn’t seem surprised by her smaller income.

When they go house hunting, they see a house with four bedrooms. Nick assumes their family will grow into it eventually. They both expect to have kids one day. They find a house that they like, but it’s a bit over budget. Nick thinks they can make it work though.

MAFS Sonia Nick
Sonia Granados was a little jealous of Nick Pendergrast's dogs in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 6. FYI

Heather and Derek

The honeymoon ended before it even started for Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel, but they’re officially leaving their tropical vacation to go home. Derek is annoyed that Heather got drunk on their last night and didn’t really connect with him. He thinks she wants to walk away from their marriage already.

Heather and Derek go straight to an emergency meeting with Pastor Cal Roberson. Heather explains that she is upset with the whole situation. From his accusations about her flirting with a surf instructor to his behavior, nothing has gone right in their marriage. “You should leave,” Derek says while she is explaining her unhappiness. “Do us both a favor.”

Cal asks if she wants to leave this marriage. “I don’t know how to answer that right now,” Heather says.

Derek claims she gave up on the second day. He doesn’t think she understands this process. Cal explains that they are legally married no matter what, but Heather can’t say if she wants to get divorced right now. Cal asks Derek to leave the room.

Heather still won’t say if she wants to be married, but she explains that she is upset and tired. “I feel like I was not with a grown man, the way that he was fighting with me,” Heather says. “And I was at a loss.”

She says she needs a break. Cal says that people don’t get breaks from marriage. He says that each couple has what they need to make it through, but everyone has to put in the work. He acknowledges that Derek is not perfect, but he could be a good match for her.

“I feel like this is a mistake,” Heather says. Cal says she can walk away or she can give it a shot with Derek. Heather wants to sleep on it, though.

Derek comes back in and says that he is ready to grow as a person. Cal says the ability to change is a great asset in a marriage. They both have to be ready to grow and make compromises.

Derek says he is still ready to work on their marriage, but Heather still needs time to decide. Cal says that isn’t fair and gives her just a couple of days to decide. She goes home alone.

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MAFS Heather Derek
Heather Seidel and Derek Schwartz are unsure of their future in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 6. FYI