Married at First Sight Nick and Sonia
Nick Pendergrast made Sonia Granados upset in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 7. FYI

The “Married at First Sight” Season 4 couples are trying to get to know each other, but that’s much more stressful when you’re already committed to spending your lives together. One couple on the FYI reality show worried about children while another wanted to be more open with each other. However, Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel weren’t even sure if their marriage could continue.

Heather and Derek

Derek and Heather have spent a couple days apart. Derek talks to his friend Danny about the honeymoon and reveals that the first two weeks of marriage with Heather have been difficult. He says communication is their biggest issue. “It’s hard to try and communicate with someone that doesn’t want to communicate back,” Derek says.

He doesn’t want Heather to decide on a divorce this early. He is ready to put more work into their relationship.

Heather talks to her friend Amber about her horrible honeymoon. She says that she still doesn’t know her husband, so she doesn’t have “an emotional investment” in her marriage.

“The best thing that could happen from getting married at first sight is staying married and falling in love with this man,” Heather tells the cameras. She is taking this decision very seriously.

Derek sent Heather a long text message, but Heather only sent a short response. He’s concerned about her choice. He still wants to make things work. She wants to figure out this decision on her own, though.

Pastor Cal Roberson, one of the experts, talks to the newlyweds to figure out their future. Derek says that he is still ready to work on their marriage. He is worried that his wife is going to choose to get divorced before they can put in the effort their relationship needs.

Heather sits down with Cal and says that the wedding day was great. However, as the honeymoon went on, she had a lot more difficulty remaining optimistic. After all of Derek’s naming calling and immature reactions, Heather feels like she has outgrown relationships like this.

Cal brings the couple in to go over their relationship so far. Heather didn’t like that Derek smoked every day of their honeymoon, and he says that as soon as he heard it was a problem he lit up again. Heather says she was still willing to start over at that point, but it was the accusations about flirting the surf instructor that really created an obstacle. Derek claims he just thought that communication would be the best thing at the time.

Derek wants to stay together at least for the duration of the experiment. The initial trial period is supposed to be six weeks. The episode ends before Heather can reveal her decision.

Married at First Sight Derek and Heather
Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel did not talk much during “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 7. FYI

Lillian and Tom

These two are settling into their new home when Lillian Vilchez’s sister calls and asks her to babysit. Tom Wilson isn’t thrilled about having a kid running around the house. Lillian worries that he doesn’t want children. Tom says that he’s never really been able to picture himself with kids.

Tom wants to take their relationship one day at a time, and Lillian explains that she wants kids eventually. That’s a deal breaker for her. Tom, however, points out that they’ve only known each other for two weeks.

Before Emma comes, one of the experts, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, checks in with them. Lillian worries that Tom doesn’t see this as a serious relationship yet. The sociologist advises Lillian that she is probably moving a little too fast for him.

Tom tells Dr. Pepper that he was concerned when Lillian used the term “deal breaker” about kids. He worried that means she is ready to leave the relationship, but they’re both committed. Dr. Pepper advises them to worry about building the foundation of their relationship right now rather than conflicts that could come down the line.

Still, Tom is nervous about babysitting their niece. “They’re such a-holes and I just don’t know how to deal with that,” Tom says of babies and toddlers.

It turns out Tom isn’t bad with kids, though. Lillian is impressed with his ability to keep Emma entertained. Her sister Rosa comes back and helps Lillian make food. She laughs when she finds out Tom lived in a bus, but she knows it doesn’t really matter. Rosa says that they don’t need to stress about kids right now.

Married at First Sight Lillian and Tom
Lillian Vilchez worried about Tom Wilson's desire to have kids in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 7. FYI

Sonia and Nick

Nick Pendergrast says he doesn’t want to “do anything to encourage physical intimacy” yet. However, they’ve moved in together, and Sonia Granados feels a little weird about their relationship. She doesn’t think they communicate, and her husband still doesn’t acknowledge her fear of the dogs. She even slept in another bedroom because of Nick’s pets.

Dr. Pepper checks in with the couple individually first, and Sonia rates her marriage a 5 on a 1-10 scale. Sonia says she wants more of a physical relationship, but they perceive caring actions differently. She knows that she sees touch as a way of showing people affection, and Nick clearly views actions like cleaning the kitchen as a way of caring.

Sonia also explains her fear of the dogs, but she says that she hasn’t said anything to her spouse about it. Dr. Pepper says that she needs to communicate her needs. Nick rates their marriage an 8 or 9. He knows his wife is uncomfortable with the dogs, but he doesn’t quite understand what the problem is.

In their joint session, Sonia finally explains her fear. As soon as Nick hears that, he says that the dogs won’t be in bed with them anymore.

Dr. Pepper is aslo concerned about their physical intimacy. She says when the say hello and goodbye, they need a physical way to greet each other.

Later, Nick’s mother and her boyfriend, Marie and Jim, come over to help Sonia and Nick cook an Italian meal. They also give the newlyweds some advice.

When Marie and Sonia sit down, Sonia says that Nick isn’t exactly an open book. Marie reveals that Nick’s aunt was recently killed in a tragic accident, and Sonia is surprised that Nick never mentioned it. Meanwhile, Jim tells Nick that he has to be willing to communicate honestly if he wants his marriage to survive.

Sonia isn’t sure Nick wants anything more than a friendship. Even Nick’s mother says he needs to be more open, and he’s working on it. It’s going to take time for him to get over some of his shyness, though.

Dr. Pepper left the couple with a homework exercise. They have to keep their hands on each other’s hearts while answering two questions. Nick says he appreciates Sonia’s patience with his quietness. Sonia mentions that she’d like him to open up and share more with her. He asks what she wants him to say, and Sonia isn’t sure.

“I think you’re an awesome person, but am I in love with you? No,” Nick says. Of the things Sonia wanted him to say, it doesn’t seem like that was on the list. Sonia doesn’t understand why they’re having this conversation. She never said anything about love. She gets annoyed and walks away.

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