MAFS Danielle Cody
Danielle and Cody got along very well in “Married at First Sight” Season 5, episode 3. Lifetime

“Married at First Sight” Season 5, episode 3 caught up with our new couples on their wedding nights and brought them to their exotic honeymoon destinations. However, no fancy vacation can distract from family drama. Not everyone is comfortable that the brides and grooms have decided to enter blind, arranged marriages and are documenting it on a Lifetime reality show.

Ashley and Anthony

The two seem happy with each other when they head up to their hotel room together. Anthony D’Amico gives his new wife a wedding present: a necklace with a flashlight charm and the letter A. Ashley Petta can’t believe he dreamed about the letter A before getting married at first sight. She loves the gift.

The next day, Anthony reveals that they were too tired to have sex, and he’s following his wife’s lead. Ashley says they’ll have sex eventually, but she wants to get to know him first.

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Ashley’s sister Lauren is obviously a little worried about Ashley being married. The two are very close, and neither wants to lose that. Lauren even makes it clear that her apartment building has places to rent if they want to stay close. Ashley isn’t quite sure how to calm her sister’s nerves yet.

The newlyweds sit down with Pastor Cal Roberson, who advises them not to share issues with people outside of their marriage. It can affect the families’ perceptions, but Ashley isn’t sure she can keep things from her sister.

When they get to the Bahamas, Anthony wants to get into the water and try some adventurous things. Ashley is a little scared of the water and sharks, and she blames the fear on her sister. Anthony is worried that Lauren might cause some problems in his marriage.

MAFS Anthony Ashley
Anthony worried about Ashley’s sister in “Married at First Sight” Season 5, episode 3. Lifetime

Sheila and Nate

Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon start kissing and feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries while they get to know each other a little better on their wedding night. Sheila reveals why she cried during Nate’s vows. “It was everything I ever wanted and everything I’ve never had,” Sheila says.

Nate knows that his mother is a lot to handle, though. She attended the wedding, but she clearly didn’t support his choice. Sheila knows that it’s not her place to confront his mom. She has only been Nate’s wife for a few hours.

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The next day, Sheila says that she and Nate didn’t have sex because she wants to get to know him first. The two find out their going to St. Croix for their honeymoon.

When they head down to their family brunch, they’re a little nervous. Nate confronts his mother before they sit down. He tells his mother to stop being negative. “You don’t understand. You’re my son,” she says. “This is crazy.”

Sheila tells Nate’s mother that the matriarch can take as much time as she needs because Sheila isn’t going anywhere. His mother asks Nate if she is still his queen. “No disrespect, but this is my new queen. I want you to know that nothing’s going to change though,” Nate tells her.

When they get in the car to head to their tropical destination, Sheila asks Nate what he’s looking forward to. Clearly, he’s hoping to have sex. Sheila, meanwhile, is just looking forward to getting to know her new husband.

MAFS Nate and Sheila
Sheila and Nate tried to calm Nate’s mother in “Married at First Sight” Season 5, episode 3. Lifetime

Danielle and Cody

Both Danielle DeGroot and Cody Knapek seem to be feeling positive when they head to their room, but they don’t consummate their marriage. The next day, they find out they’re heading to the St. Thomas for their honeymoon. Danielle thinks it’ll be romantic.

Their families seem to think they’re very cute together during the brunch, and these two appear to be drama free. Even they think that’s a little weird, though. When they sit down with Pastor Cal, they tell him that it feels “too easy.” He says they’re just seeing how compatible they are.

Once they’re in St. Thomas, Danielle starts to get nervous. She realizes she doesn’t really know her husband yet, and Cody agrees with her. He’s “freaked out by the weight of this whole thing.” However, they’re both honest about how they’re feeling, which seems to be a good sign.

“Married at First Sight” Season 5 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.