The “Married at First Sight” finale is always interesting, but fans of the Lifetime reality show know that the reunion is where the tea is spilled. The follow-up special will address lots of things that weren’t discussed on the show, including Luke’s sexuality.

The promo video for the “MAFS” Season 8 reunion, shown at the end of the decision day episode, shows Luke and Kate three months after their decision to get a divorce. While host Kevin Frazier is seen asking if Will and Jasmine will get back together, it doesn’t seem like that’s the case for Luke and Kate. This was one of the rare times that even the matchmakers wanted the couple to divorce.

Instead, Frazier will bring up Luke’s sexuality. “You pull up your list on your phone of 40 reasons that I’m gay,” Luke says. He is cut off before fans can hear him say more.

Kate, however, seems to have her suspicions about Luke being gay. “Your Facebook page still says to this day that you’re in a relationship with a man, I’m sorry!” she exclaims.

Another promo video for the reunion shows Frazier directly asking Luke if he has dated men, and Kate reveals that Luke once asked her if she thought he was gay.

Luke seems ready to finally address the rumors about his sexuality. “Married at First Sight” fans have been asking if Luke is gay for quite some time. His actions have made viewers suspicious.

After their first kiss, Luke told Kate he was “repulsed” and “dead inside.” Kate later revealed that they’d been having sex since the honeymoon, but Luke seemed to be doing it out of a sense of obligation. Kate said he’d immediately leave and isolate himself for a while after they had sex. He had asked Kate to keep their sex life a secret from the experts and viewers. His general lack of attraction to Kate also raised red flags for some people.

MAFS Kate and Luke gay
"Married at First Sight" Season 8 stars Kate and Luke will address rumors about his sexuality. Lifetime

Of course, that doesn’t mean he has to be gay. In the casting special, he described his ex-girlfriends, and Kate didn’t seem to be his type. “Last was a mixed girl, she’s black and Italian. Before that was Brazilian. Before that was Filipino, a white girl and Palestinian,” he said during the casting special.

Pastor Cal Roberson seemed to acknowledge that he was not sure if Kate was Luke’s type. “If Luke can find her attractive, I think we could have a real home run here,” he said when making the match.

During “MAFS” Season 8, Luke admitted that he typically likes women with darker features, and Kate even told her friends that Luke said “many times” that he wasn’t physically attracted to her.

Is Luke not attracted to Kate because he likes women who look different than Kate or because he is gay? Fans will get answers when the “Married at First Sight” finale reunion airs Tuesday, April 9 at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.