'Mass Effect 3' Ending: BioWare Responds To DLC Mistake, 'We Never Considered Charging' [VIDEO]
On April 10th BioWare released the "Resurgence Pack" as a free downloadable content addition for "Mass Effect 3" players. However, speculation stirred when a paid version of the DLC was accidentally released to the public, leaving some fans confused. Mass Effect

The passionate fans of Mass Effect 3 that have been tirelessly campaigning for a new ending may have something new to fuel their reflections on the controversial conclusion. A feature-length documentary has just launched to explore the ending theories behind the final segment in BioWare's space-adventure RPG.

Created by CleverNoobNetwork, a channel dedicated to making video game walk-through guides, The Indoctrination Theory- A Documentary is almost an hour and a half in length.

What players might not understand, however, is that they might not even need a new ending at all, the narrator explains in the documentary's opening sequence.

The video supports the Indoctrination Theory behind the Mass Effect 3 ending, which essentially insinuates that Commander Shephard had been taken over by the Reapers. This means that the ending sequence may have only occurred in Shepard's mind, but if this seems confusing, players shouldn't fret. The documentary covers and analyzes all elements that could have affected the Mass Effect 3 ending.

Totaling in at over an hour and twenty minutes, this beast of a documentary goes over every single detail- big and small- and aims to prove, render plausible, or disprove each individual aspect of the theory, it says in the video's description.

Mass Effect fans have took to the BioWare social forums to discuss their opinions and reflections on the film. One player indicated that the documentary represents a critical turning point in gaming culture.

Mark my words: Videos like these are ultimately going to be a part of video gaming history. We're experiencing and taking part in an unprecedented level and depth of storytelling, a user named HellishFiend posted in the forum.

As CleverNoobNetwork points out in the video, fans and critics alike have analyzed and studied the Indoctrination Theory when deciphering the Mass Effect 3 ending. This video compiles every trace of explanation on the web, from similar videos, to blogs, forums, and more.

The narrator also said that the ending prompted BioWare to create a new downloadable content package. Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut will launch this summer and is set to include epilogue scenes and cinematic sequences. Voice actors have already headed into the studio to begin recording for the additional cut scenes, as the talent behind characters Kaidan Alenko and EDI revealed on Twitter.

The whole thing is worryingly comprehensive, and while it still doesn't make me a believer(many of the points are more likely the result from lazy/rushed development than some grand conspiracy), it's still fascinating to see how such a thing can result in such a thing, writes Luke Plunkett of Kotaku.

Did the ending of Mass Effect 3 really go over players' heads? This is a question that has been up for debate throughout the past two months, but ultimately fans must decide for themselves. And that's where this video comes in. All the information gamers could hope for involving the Indoctrination Theory is presented in one, massive viewing. Check it out.