BioWare announced that new downloadable content will be released in the summer, but the development studio surprised fans by launching a Resurgence Pack that will be available starting April 10th.

This free multiplayer add-on will bring additional alien races into gameplay, as BioWare hinted at yesterday when announcing the Operation: Beachland challenge. In the middle of March, images of a multiplayer DLC surfaced on Reddit depicting new Bactarian and Geth characters, which lines up with the six new characters BioWare rolled out today.

Every character is said to have their own unique subclasses and loadouts, BioWare said on their official blog. In addition to the new Geth and Bactarian characters, players will also be seeing a new Asari Justicar Adept and a Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard.

New maps and weapons are also part of the package, with additional firebase territories. Gamers will be able to use upgraded weapons such as the Striker Assault Rifle, Geth Plasma SMG and Kishock Harpoon Gun.

After controversy exploded surround the ending of Mass Effect 3, which left many fans feeling as if their time and effort had not been taken into account, BioWare said they would have some announcements for fans in April. Players have been adamantly campaigning for an alternate ending in a movement that has evolved over the course of the month.

Protest groups have surfaced on Facebook and Twitter and fans have sent over 400 cupcakes to the company to make a statement. One gamer even went as far as to file a complaint to the FTC, saying that BioWare had falsely advertised the last installment of the series.

Player reaction to the DLC has been mixed, according to a string of tweets posted in a BioWare Social Network forum. One user compiled a list of tweets between users and BioWare that reveal the most information about the upcoming DLC.

I feel really sorry for you Jessica. You gathered all that feedback but it was all for nothing at the very end :(, one fan tweeted at BioWare when referring to the game's ending.

No it wasn't. Feedback is definitely shaping this. I think it's a good compromise. That's all I have to say on the matter, she replied.

It is unclear how drastically this new content will affect the game until it's released, but fans are sure to have a lot to say about it, whether positive or negative.