• The title of the upcoming "Mass Effect trilogy" remaster will be the "Legendary Edition"
  • Reporter Jeff Grubb confirmed that the game is not headed for the Nintendo Switch
  • BioWare Edmonton was reportedly in the early stages of a new "Mass Effect" title last year

The title of the long-awaited trilogy remaster of “Mass Effect” has finally been released, but sadly, it will not be released on all consoles.

Jeff Grub, prolific gaming insider and Venturebeat reporter, revealed on the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast that “Legendary Edition” would be the title of the game compilation. He also mentioned in a separate video for GamesBeat that this edition will not be released on the Nintendo Switch as previously expected.

The EA Play Live event in June saw Electronic Arts announcing plans to bring seven games to the Nintendo Switch over the next 12 months. Unfortunately for “Mass Effect” fans on the Nintendo console, Grubb says the title will not be one of those.

“EA has multiple games coming to Nintendo Switch and Mass Effect is definitely not one of them,” Grubb said. “Not yet, anyhow. If that happens, it won’t happen in that one-year window that they talked about in their last shareholder meeting.”

Grubb also said in June that a “Mass Effect Trilogy” remaster would be released by EA within its current financial year that will end in March 2021.

Subsequently, in August, Grubb noted that he was “pretty confident” that EA was going to announce and release the “Mass Effect Trilogy” remaster by October 2020. He, however, noted that because of the global upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s plans could change accordingly.

Between 2007 and 2012, the BioWare RPG trilogy was released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The original three games had sold approximately 14 million units as of 2014, thus it is a bit surprising that those three have not been remastered for more contemporary platforms before this time.

Perhaps due to the release of “Mass Effect: Andromeda” released in 2017 receiving very mixed reviews, the excitement around the franchise was gradually reduced.

In November 2019, Kotaku claimed that an entirely new “Mass Effect” was in the “very early” stages of development at BioWare Edmonton.

Mike Gamble, who has served as a development manager on “Mass Effect 2” and served as producer on both “Mass Effect 3” and “Mass Effect: Andromeda,” is reportedly directing that new “Mass Effect” title.

Mass Effect: Andromeda
BioWare will be putting the "Mass Effect" series on ice as its Montreal studio works on other projects. BioWare