A woman in Australia was terrified to find a massive python devouring a bat in her backyard.

Tova Ferris, who shared the video of the incident on her Facebook account, was at her home in suburban North Lakes home, enjoying her morning coffee, when she came across the snake and the bat.

“I just hear this squawking - this really weird sound that I hadn’t heard before,” Ferris told 7NEWS.com.au. “I sort of looked toward the right and obviously it was the bat making noises and the python going for it.”

For the next two hours, Ferris saw the python wrapping itself around the bat and swallowing it.

“It was in the backyard in the tree. I was very shocked,” she said. “Once I sat back and had a look, I thought it’s not everyday you get to see this. It was quite amazing to watch it do its thing.

“It sort of hung around for about two hours eating the bat, then went up to the top of the tree and sat there for about another two hours... When I came out later, it was long gone. I don’t know where it went.”

Ferris said she did not call a snake catcher to get it removed.

“I was just happy to let it do its thing,” she said. “I was pretty sure it would go on its merry way and hopefully I’d never see him again. I definitely wasn’t panicking too much.”

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In a similar incident, snake catcher Stuart McKenzie was called to a Queensland home in January after a huge reptile slithered into a home and devoured the family's pet kitten. The people found the carpet python attacking their small pet and tried to save their kitten by using a broomstick but failed. “You can see the snake trying to line the cat up so it can try and swallow it but I’m going to separate them because it is a very sad situation,” McKenzie said in the video filmed by him at the time. “This is someone’s pet and they obviously want to be able to bury it.”

Burmese python Pixabay