A video showing a massive crocodile leaping out of the water in Australia to feast on two small sharks went viral recently. The footage was captured by a man who was with the woman who had reeled in two small sharks while fishing at a Far North Queensland beach.

The video, which has been viewed by thousands, shows the unidentified man and woman standing close to the water next to two small sharks on the shore. A crocodile is seen slowly swimming toward them, according to the New Zealand Herald.

“Check out this monster… holy smackers,” the woman can be heard in the video. “I just caught a shark which I couldn’t get back into the water because this fella is going to come in and eat it.”

As the reptile neared, the woman’s voice starts to shake, and she begins swearing.

“Oh my lord, this thing is only metres from us,” she said. “I have never been shaking so much in my whole f------- life.”

The massive crocodile emerged out of the water and the woman was shocked to see the size of it.

“Man... this monster is like 10 metres in front of us,” she says, as the crocodile snapped at the small shark laying on the shore. The crocodile then heads back into the water as he devoured the shark. He then returns to chomp down on the second shark on the shore.

The man with the woman moved closer to the crocodile and grabbed his phone from a bag.

“No... that’s not even three metres away from you... you’re f------- crazy lad,” the woman cautions. “Don’t ever ask me to jump in the water to catch your fish again,” she adds.

The crocodile is then seen going back into the water after eating the shark.

The video, which was posted on Facebook, received nearly 400,000 views in just five hours after it was shared, with several users expressing their shock.

"I’d be filming from up in the tree," one person commented, while another wrote: "Should have asked if he wanted his shark crumbed or battered first."

“That is the coolest video of a croc! You held the camera so still,” a third person said. “Can hear you breathing, you did good keeping it still,” another person commented.

Saltwater crocodiles are known to inhabit the area around Australia's Lake Placid, but attacks are relatively rare
Representational image AFP / SAEED KHAN