Harold Camping, the head of a Christian broadcast group called Family Radio, has been predicting for years that the end of the world is on Saturday, May 21, 2011.

Will May 21 Doomsday, Judgment Day really happen? Vote, Discuss, Countdown

Earlier Camping had predicted that the doomsday would occur in 1994. But there are still many who believe his theories. Harold Camping said he had learned from his mistakes in 1994 and is confident that Doomsday will happen on Saturday.

It is interesting to see what will happen to Camping, his followers and his movement on May 22, when his prophesies will turn dud most likely.

Here are some scenarios:

Some followers of Harold Camping and his Family Radio, who have emptied their bank accounts and cashed out retirement funds in order to donate money to help camping spread his message, will be ruined financially.

Harold Camping and his Family Radio may not be available for commenting why the prediction fails.

Camping will possibly come up with revised calculations for the next End of the World prediction by saying that after studying the Scriptures he now sees that he was off a bit on the date.

The supporters may say their prayers moved the date into distant future or Jesus did return another way. Perhaps the Camping followers will say that the Second Coming happened invisibly.

Instead of accepting failure, Camping and his followers will be strengthened in their beliefs to avoid a sense of shame as burden of admitting failure will be too much to bear.