Thousands of agitated protestors took to the streets banging drums, waving flags and placards on May Day, popularly known as Labor Day, all over the world on Tuesday.

Agitated activists vented out their anger over increasing unemployment, low wages, tax hikes and other grave labor-related issues in Europe.

In United States, protestors slammed the high-profile financial institution Wall Street for corruption and greed and protested against other social and economic inequality issues.

In Seattle, demonstrators donned black masks, hoods and armed with bats and wooden poles destroyed the windows of Wells Fargo Bank, Nike Town and an American Apparel store during one of their numerous marches, Reuters reported.

Also, scores of marchers, including Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Toronto activists, participated in the May Day march through downtown Manhattan, New York and at Simcoe Park in downtown Toronto.

Several dozens of demonstrators rallied outside the Bank of America branch in Chicago and blocked intersections in Oakland, Calif.

Activists and unions throughout Asia staged demonstrations asking for workers' rights and wage hikes.

In Manila, Philippines, several workers burned the effigy of President Benigno Aquino III to mark international Labor Day and marched in scorching sun demanding an increase in daily wages, AP reported.

Here are the photographs of May Day protests around the world.