Mayim Bialik just got nominated for an Emmy for her role as Amy Farrah Fowler on Big Bang Theory, and the 36-year-old actress whom '90s kids know as Blossom is splurging after the big news. She's treating herself to not one, but two vegan cupcakes.

Mayim Bialik's role on Big Bang Theory, where she plays Sheldon Cooper's girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler, comes 20 years after she captured television audiences' hearts as Blossom.

Bialik's 2012 Emmy nomination for best actress in a comedy series marks the first time she has been so recognized for her acting skills.

The actress doesn't just play a brainiac on Big Bang Theory, she's a real-life smartypants as well. Bialik spurned Harvard and Yale to attend UCLA following her Blossom run. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in neuroscience and then earned a Ph.D in the field.

Bialik, who has two children with husband Michael Stone, was in Atlanta when she heard the news about her Emmy nomination. How is the Big Bang Theory actress going to celebrate the nod?

We're taking our boys to Legoland here in Atlanta and my best friend said she would buy me two vegan cupcakes today! Bialik told Entertainment Weekly.

In explaining the accomplishment to her oldest son, Mayim Bialik used Barack Obama as an analogy.

She said her children don't watch TV, so he asked [this morning] what was going on, why we were freaking out, and I said, 'Remember when President Obama wanted to be president? He had to be nominated.' I said, 'Well, I got nominated for something,' Bialik said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Bialik's Emmy nomination is just one of three for Big Bang Theory. Bialik's on-screen boyfriend, Jim Parsons, is up for best actor in a comedy series - an award he's won the past two years. The show is also up for a best comedy series Emmy.