Get to know the complete cast of characters on “Survivor” Season 33. Pictured above is the “Millennials vs. Gen X” Vanua tribe. CBS

Twenty new castaways will make their way to Fiji on Wednesday’s Season 33 premiere of “Survivor” in the hopes of walking away with the $1 million prize. Before the “Millennials vs. Gen X” cast gets split down the middle into their respective generation-based tribes Vanua (Millennial) and Takali (Gen X), get to know the show’s 2016 castaways!

Tribe Vanua (Millennials)

  • Zeke Smith, 28, is an asset manager from Brooklyn, New York, who marches to the beat of his own drum. (Host Jeff Probst says he will likely be a standout this season due to his “fresh voice.”)
Zeke Smith
Zeke Smith of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Will Wahl is an 18-year-old high school student from Long Valley, New Jersey. He is the youngest “Survivor” player to date.
Will Wahl
Will Wahl of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Adam Klein, 25, works as a homeless shelter non-profit strategic planner in San Francisco.
Adam Klein
Adam Klein of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Hannah Shapiro is a 24-year-old West Hollywood, California, writer and barista.
Hannah Shapiro
Hannah Shapiro of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Michaela Bradshaw, 25-year-old Texan from Forth Worth who works as a part-time tutor and in vacation club sales.
Michaela Bradshaw
Michaela Bradshaw of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Justin “Jay” Starrett, 27, is a laidback bartender turned real estate agent from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Justin Starret
Justin Starret of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa, 23, is a free-spirited bartender from Nashville, Tennessee.
Jessica Figueroa
Jessica Figueroa of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Mari Takahasi, 31, is a ballerina, online personality and professional gamer from Los Angeles.
survivor 33
Mari Takahashi of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Michelle Schubert, 28, spends her days working as a missionary recruiter for a bible translation organization in Yakima, Washington.
Michelle Schubert
Michelle Schubert of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Taylor Lee Stocker, 24, works as a snowboard instructor in Post Falls, Idaho.
Taylor Stocker
Taylor Stocker of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS

Tribe Takali (Gen X)

  • Sunday Burquest is a 45-year-old youth pastor and breast cancer survivor from Otsego, Minnesota.
Sunday Burquest
Sunday Burquest of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Bret LaBelle, 42, is a Boston police sergeant from Dedham, Massachusetts.
Bret LaBelle
Bret LaBelle of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Lucy Huang is a 42-year-old body builder and registered dietician from Diamond Bar, California.
Lucy Huang
Lucy Huang of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Chris Hammons, 38, hails from Moore, Oklahoma, where he works as a trial lawyer.
Chris Hammons
Chris Hammons of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Jessica Lewis, 37, grew up on a dairy farm and now works as an assistant district attorney in Voorheesville, New York.
Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Ken McNickle is a 33-year-old professional model from Denver, Colorado, who enjoys the simpler things in life.
Ken McNickle of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Ciandre “CeCe” Taylor is a 39-year-old insurance agent from Granada Hills, California, who isn’t afraid to fight for what she wants.
Ciandre Taylor
Ciandre Taylor of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • David Wright, 42, works as a television writer (he has “Family Guy” credits to his name) in Sherman Oaks, California. He hopes being on the show will help him overcome his anxiety.
Survivor 2016 cast
David Wright of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Paul Wachter is a 52-year-old boat mechanic and rocker from Sugarloaf, Florida.
Paul Wachter
Paul Wachter of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS
  • Rachel Ako, 37, is recruiting director, author and former Playboy model from Los Angeles who desires to be the first Asian Pacific Islander to win “Survivor.”
Rachel Ako
Rachel Ako of “Survivor” Season 33. CBS

“Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” premieres Wednesday, Sept. 21, at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.