The Mega Millions lottery drawing on Tuesday night did not give way to any winners for its $376 million jackpot, nor were there any instant millionaires of the night. But a total of three players took home $30,000 each by winning the Match 4 and 3X Megaplier.

The winning Mega Millions numbers pulled on Tuesday, Dec. 29, were 1, 31, 35, 48, 62, with the 3X Megaplier being 19. Watch the winning lottery numbers being drawn below.

Tuesday’s unclaimed jackpot was worth a total of $376 million with a cash option of $287 million. The next lottery drawing for the jackpot, which is estimated to now be worth $401 million with a cash option of $305.4 million, will be pulled on Friday, Jan. 1, 2021 at 11 p.m. EST.

While there wasn’t a big winner from Tuesday night's pull, three players took home $30,000 by matching the Match 4 and 3X Megaplier and 20 people won $10,000 by matching the Match 4 and Megaplier. Other players also won smaller prizes that ranged from $500 to $2. A total of 662,292 participants won $2 for having the Megaplier.

Mega Millions has produced several big winners over the past year. In 2020, five players won the big jackpot, including the most recent winner from Wisconsin, who won a Sept. 15 drawing for $120 million ($95.4 million cash).

The summer of 2020 saw several other Mega Millions players win the lottery. This included an Arizona resident who won $414 million ($319.9 million cash) on June 9. A New Jersey player won $123 million ($100.1 million cash) on July 24, and a California player won $22 million ($17.9 million cash) on July 31.

Also in 2020, a New Jersey player won $202 million ($142.6 million cash) in February.

The Mega Millions lottery has cash prizes that start at $2 and range in value up to the estimated jackpot. 

mega millions A Mega Millions ticket in a store in New York City on Jan. 5, 2018. Photo: Reuters/Carlo Allegri