Before Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, he was a reformed party boy, who was adored by the public. After he married Meghan, the Duke of Sussex began receiving criticism for certain decisions that were believed to be influenced by his wife.

The couple initially began dismissing royal traditions in 2018. Since then, the two have been slammed for embracing modern lifestyle choices rather than longstanding customs.

During a chat with Fabulous Digital, royal expert Duncan Larcombe claimed Meghan was to blame for Prince Harry’s drastic change. “He’s on a different planet from the Harry we’ve seen develop from a teen to an adult to an army officer to the most popular member of the royal family,” he explained.

“It’s worlds away from how Harry has been for his life. Harry is saying all the right things but saying them in a way that is so un-Harry, that perhaps people who have identified with him for years are thinking ‘what’s going on?’ ‘What’s gotten into Harry?’”

Although Larcombe noted that people tend to change when they get married, he claimed Meghan may have failed to bring out the best in Harry. “It just seems such a stark contrast to the Harry we used to know. Maybe he’s such a treasured figure in the public eye, maybe the public don’t want to see a change in him,” he told the outlet.

Due to Prince Harry’s surprising choices over the last year, Larcombe predicts people will turn against the couple if they don’t change their ways. “Barely a day goes by that I don’t read something they’ve said or seen something they’ve done,” the royal commentator said.

“You can make a whole list of the points, from not revealing who the godparents are, not allowing a fixed point for the media at the christening... Certain people are being given enough ammunition to fire against the two of them.”

While Larcombe believes Prince Harry and Meghan will continue to receive harsh criticism about their modern choices, the couple still has plenty of fans that have supported their attempts to protect their privacy as public figures.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Son Archie Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are pictured presenting their newborn son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, during a photocall in St. George’s Hall at Windsor Castle on May 8, 2019 in Windsor, England. Photo: Dominic Lipinski-WPA Pool/Getty Images