During his early years, Prince Harry earned himself a party-boy reputation. However, the Duke of Sussex managed to transform himself into a responsible adult, dedicated to bringing honor to the Royal Family.

Harry’s desire to protect his family’s reputation went into high gear when he noticed a potentially scandalous situation during a royal engagement.

In the 2018 book, “Harry: Conversations with the Prince,” Angela Levin revealed Prince Harry’s visit to an Emergency Operations Center took an unexpected turn. At the time, the royal became concerned photographers would try to use a patient to create a scandal.

During his visit to the facility, Harry refused to go into a room where a man was receiving a massage. 

“When Harry is out and about on royal duty, he stays totally alert and wary of possible trip-ups. For example, in a corner of a room in the Emergency Operations Centre, a rotund male paramedic was having a massage and revealing a rather substantial amount of flesh,” Levin explained.

Once the Duke of Sussex realized his visit was at risk of being turned into a scandal, he declined the invitation to enter the room

“Harry was being led to the massage couch to speak to the physiotherapist, but as soon as he saw the paramedic, his eyes opened wide, he spun round and walked in the opposite direction. ‘I am not going there. I know too well what the photographers would make of that,’ he said.”

Although the 34-year-old has had his fair share of royal scandals, Prince Harry has made an effort to avoid making the same mistakes. Nowadays, the royal and his wife, Meghan Markle have been at the center of bad press due to their attempts to keep details about their lives private.

While Prince Harry has managed to avoid scandals in the last few years, it seems his days of upsetting the press are just beginning.