Before Meghan Markle became a household name due to her engagement to Britain’s Prince Harry, she was best known for her acting career. Her starring role on the legal drama “Suits” meant she frequently participated in interviews about her personal life. One in particular revealed her strange must-have item she always travels with.

In February, Esquire unearthed a 2013 interview with the 36-year-old future royal in which she revealed that she was known to play a crucial part in feeding her Toronto-based “Suits” cast members at Patrick J. Adams’ family’s home during their annual Canada Day vacations. Noting one event in particular at Georgian Bay, she shared that she depended on her Vitamix blender to help her out in the kitchen.

“I pride myself in figuring out how to elevate a dish with a little preserved lemon or then a sprinkle of Maldon salt,” Markle said when asked if she’s a “good cook.”

“When we were talking about the Georgian Bay and Canada Day weekend, me and my Vitamix, we really sort of ran the show on feeding everybody for that weekend,” she added.

Markle said she is so dedicated to bringing her trusty kitchen appliance with her wherever she goes that she once even shipped it.

“When I had my car brought out here, I shipped my Vitamix in the backseat,” she shared. “It was one of the things where I was like I cannot travel without my Vitamix.”

The former actress went on to state that her quote sounded “like a commercial” but that she really did rely on the appliance daily. “I use it every day for pestos or shakes,” she said. “Okay, now that’s too much. I need to stop.”

Markle has been traveling quite a bit for royal engagements since the announcement of her impending marriage to Prince Harry in November. The couple have plans to wed on May 19 at Windsor Castle in England. Their wedding will be followed by a honeymoon at an undisclosed location. Hopefully Markle doesn’t forget her most trusted possession in her luggage!