Meghan Markle has received intense criticism after the duchess said that only a few asked her if she was fine.

In a recent interview, the Duchess of Sussex poured her heart out when she said that “not many people have asked if I’m okay.” Markle was close to tears as she shared her emotional struggle during her pregnancy and as a new mom.

However, some netizens were not convinced by the royal’s statement. Some of them even criticized Markle for her statement while several questioned her pregnancy.

“She’s trying to distract from the fake bump news!” one netizen wrote on Twitter.

“New mother? That’s a horrible thought. Terrifying. Please show pregnancy medical record. Just ONE that’s authentic. Hell how about the birth certificate? Where was he born and WHOSE BODY WAS HE BORN FROM? Such a delusional liar. Please leave. She's a social media bully. Imho,” another online user commented.

Meanwhile, another royal follower felt that the Queen must be dying from embarrassment after Markle aired their dirty laundry. The same user even agreed with Markle’s sister calling her “Princess Pushy.”

Prince Harry and Markle welcomed their firstborn in May. The couple announced before Markle’s delivery that they would keep her pregnancy plans a secret. Also, they only announced the birth of their child hours after the delivery. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also opted to keep their son’s christening private.

However, some royal fans are still not convinced about her pregnancy. A video of Markle squatting and standing with ease has resurfaced and several moms claim that it’s impossible for one on her full-term of pregnancy to do it.

There’s also a sound in the clip when the duchess stands. According to some netizens, something popped and Markle’s stomach got bigger when she stood up.

“Holy moly, watch the bump pop out and make that noise! She looks down and touches it as it pops out. People need to see this. Never mind squatting in heels with your knees closed. That’s actually not possible after the 4th month, no matter how much yoga you do. The uterus won’t allow it,” one online user commented on the clip suggesting that the royal was wearing a moonbump.