Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are rumored to have been feuding with each other. Now, a spoof video of what their epic catfight may look like has just been released.

Images from the video were captured by Alison Jackson, and it showed Markle’s lookalike strangling the hair of Middleton’s lookalike. Another snap showed the fake Markle kissing fake Middleton’s legs while the latter is choking her around the neck.

Another photo showed Markle’s lookalike dragging Middleton’s lookalike on the ground. At one point, Markle’s lookalike also pulled Middleton’s lookalike’s hair while pulling her arm.

Spoof photographer Jackson has been taking photos of the royals to mirror what she thinks may really be going on in the palace. In the past, she also shared a series of photos showing how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be preparing for their baby’s birth.

The spoof gallery shows Markle’s lookalike and Prince Harry’s lookalike picking out baby clothes and measuring the woman’s growing baby bump.

Last month, Jackson sat down for an interview with The Telegraph where she revealed that she got into a lot of trouble for creating a spoof photo of the late Princess Diana with Dodi Al Fayed and their mixed-race baby.

“I wanted to examine how Diana had been manufactured by the media and the racial prejudice surrounding their relationship. That picture got me into serious trouble,” she said.

The photographer also said that the Royal College of Art did not allow her to show her photo until the day she left. Despite the controversy surrounding her spoof photo of the Princess of Wales, she said that its release enhanced her career.

“Lots of people came to see the work and even laid flowers beneath it. Out of that came Doubletake,” she said.

Princess Diana was dating Al Fayed at the time when they both died following a fatal car crash in Paris.

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's catfights would have been epic according to a spoof photographer. Pictured: Middleton, Markle service at Church of St Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham estate on December 25, 2018 in King's Lynn, England. Getty Images/Stephen Pond