Meghan Markle is making Prince Harry pay for her unhappy life.

Dominic Green of Spectator published an article with the headline that read, “How Meghan Markle lost her sparkle - and why Prince Harry will pay.” Green was referring to the duchess’ emotional interview with ITV when she said that she tried to develop the British sensibility of a stiff upper lip but found it damaging. The Duchess of Sussex added that the point of life was to thrive.

Markle was expressing an unconstitutional desire to be happy. However, Green felt that Markle was being “short-sighted, hypocritical and entitled beyond the dreams of the grandest duchess.” He also felt that her statement was cruel to her own husband.

“It’s also cruel to Prince Harry, and to Prince William too,” Green wrote.

“Meghan claims to be protecting Harry, but by manipulating the press against her royal family, she’s actually bringing about his nightmare scenario: a return to the trauma of his parents’ divorce, when Charles and Diana competed for the nation’s sympathy through tell-all interviews, and to the media frenzy which culminated in Diana’s terrible death — exit, pursued by paparazzi.”

An insider told The Sun that Prince Harry used to be the best thing the royal family had. He made the Queen laugh, but the duke appeared sad and lost. Markle is reportedly in tears regularly which brings out Prince Harry’s protective instincts.

To make matters worse, many were not happy with the couple pouring their heart out especially with the timing of their documentary because it undermined Prince Charles’ Japan tour. 

It also overshadowed Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Pakistan tour. In fact, according to Robert Jobson, the royal aides were “infuriated” and “baffled” when Prince Harry and Markle’s interview aired as it eclipsed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s achievement in their last few days in Pakistan.

In related news, royal biographer Angela Levin said that Prince Harry looked incredibly miserable and unhappy. She added that Markle also looked unhappy and incredibly sad. She felt that the couple couldn’t help each other at the moment.