Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are fragile in public and worse in private.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex became emotional in their ITV documentary. According to Dan Wootton of The Sun, Prince Harry has inherited his mother Princess Diana’s ability to feel emotion and pain deeply. Unfortunately, this trait is not celebrated in the royal family.

Prince Harry also shares his mom’s tendency to have a victim complex or paranoia. Wootton said that Prince Charles is reportedly already worried about his youngest son. 

“This carefree young guy who used to be the best thing the Royal Family had — messing about with the Obamas, making the Queen laugh — he seems to be sad and to have lost his way.  If they seem fragile in public, it’s worse in private. Meghan is in tears regularly and this brings out Harry’s protective instincts,” a source said.

Aside from pouring their heart out in their recent interviews, the royal couple was urged to cut down on political pronouncements. However, they do not listen to the advice given to them. In fact, Markle will still attend a roundtable discussion on gender equality at Windsor Castle.

“They don’t take advice well and shut out opposing views. It’s not wise but who can tell them otherwise?  Harry’s war on the tabloid Press is of a piece with that. Who thinks that’s a good idea? Almost nobody in the royal household,” another royal insider said.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were accused of undermining Prince Charles after their emotional interview aired because it overshadowed the Prince of Wales tour in Japan. It did the same to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Pakistan tour.

“To do it to your brother is one thing. To do it to your father and paymaster is a completely different matter altogether,” a source said.

Royal editor Robert Jobson revealed that the aides at the palace were “baffled and infuriated” with Prince Harry and Markle’s documentary. They also felt that it overshadowed the future king’s successful trip to Pakistan and Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s moving visit to Kosovo.