Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have found a compatible partner in each other.

Since Prince Harry and Markle's romance was publicized a number of experts examined their charts and body languages. Most of them claimed that the couple is compatible and that they are a perfect match.

Astrologer Allison Smith has the same findings. In fact, she told Express that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex complete each other by filling their missing piece.

"It is very clear that Meghan is the missing piece of Prince Harry's jigsaw, and he is her missing puzzle piece. They are perfect for each other," Smith told the publication.

She added that both come from a "diplomatic mould." Also, they will "always find the words for each other" because they a "strong connection."

"The Royal Wedding today has been absolutely wonderful, I have been blown away by it," she said about the pair's nuptials.

"Obviously I had already looked at the charts but you can really see the feelings between them, the diplomacy their relationship is built on," Smith continued. "You could feel see how they were feeling for each other during the service and how there is such a connection between those two."

Smith predicted that the two will "move things together in ways we can't imagine." She also sees them changing things for the better.

"I don't think we have seen the half of them, they will make so many positives for the better - they're going to be transforming things and they're coming from such a good place, in the Royal Family, to do it," Smith explained. "They'll be able to really change things."

Royal biographer Andrew Morton also sees the same thing in the newlyweds. According to the "Meghan: A Hollywood Princess" author, Prince Harry and Markle can do so many things together compared to other royal couples.

"Meghan and Harry are going to be a power couple," Morton wrote. "Together they can make more change. You're going to see them as far more activists than perhaps previous royal couples."

In related news, according to Elizabeth Kuhnke, author of "Body Language: Learn How To Read Others and Communicate with Sexual Confidence," Markle is more compatible to Prince Harry than to her ex-husband Trevor Engelson. Kuhnke examined the Duchess' photo with both men and arrived at the following conclusion.

Markle and Trevor's relationship had tension and stiffness. He was more in love with her. Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Markle's gestures in the snaps show that they are "on the same page and that their relationship is harmonious."