• Meghan Markle and Prince Harry need Donald Trump's approval for diplomatic protection
  • Prince Harry became a victim of Russian pranksters faking as Greta Thunberg and her dad
  • Prince Harry looked grumpy at Donald Trump's state banquet

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would reportedly need President Donald Trump's approval for diplomatic protection.

Just recently, a source confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are already in Los Angeles. They flew to Vancouver after announcing that they were stepping back as senior members of the royal family, but left Canada for the U.S.

Insiders claimed that Prince Harry and Markle moved to U.S. because they had concerns about tax. Also, Canadians already said that they won’t foot the bill for the Sussexes’ security.

On Tuesday, the Megxit process will be completed. The royals will not have any obligation to pay for their security. According to Daily Mail, Prince Harry and Markle have to ask Trump’s approval if they want a diplomatic protection while they are in America.

Trump’s Secret Service agents look after the Queen and Prince Charles when they make official trips to the U.S. However, Prince Harry and Markle already left the royal family and are no longer considered “international protected person,” so the rules won’t apply to them.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex would have to rely on the POTUS to make an exception to cover the costs of their security.

“It will be down to Harry or his Met Police protection officers to ask for help,” sources said.

“There is a reciprocal agreement between the US that allows protection officers to carry their weapons. But Harry is no longer a serving royal and that is why his protection in Canada from the Mounties was withdrawn. Someone is going to have to ask the State Department, and ultimately the decision rests with Donald Trump, for assistance. Harry cannot live in the US without armed protection.”

However, the Sussexes and Trump don’t have a great relationship. Prince Harry who became a victim of Russian pranksters faking as Greta Thunberg was heard saying in the telephone call that Trump has “blood on his hands.”

Also, last year, Markle snubbed Trump by not attending the state banquet that Queen Elizabeth II prepared for the U.S. president. It was understandable as she was on maternity leave. However, Prince Harry showed up looking “grumpy” which did not sit well with royal fans and experts.

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward said it was “bad manners and rude.” She advised Prince Harry to set aside his personal feelings and support the Queen regardless of his emotional state.

Meghan and Harry plan to move to the US when Trump leaves office
Meghan and Harry plan to move to the US when Trump leaves office. POOL / TOBY MELVILLE