Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle concluded their royal Africa tour. During that trip, the members of the British royal family not only shared secrets about their past, but they also began fighting back against the press.

Following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's new lawsuits against various publications for what they deem to be privacy violations, Patrick Jephson, who served as Princess Diana's closest aide, has now spoken out about potential repercussions of such actions.

According to Express, Jephson warned the royal couple about the "volatile" nature of the public's support and affection. Additionally, he revealed that Meghan and Harry's decision to take on the media could either be "a stroke of genius" or "a risky overstretch of finite resources." Continuing, he added that public sympathy will likely begin on Harry's side but could shift over time. 

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Jephson's opinion on the matter comes from a place of experiencing something similar firsthand while working for the late Princess. During that period of time, he worked alongside her when she sued a British publication for obtaining photographs of her working out at a gym.

Due to the length of many court cases, he also said that at a certain point the process may begin to feel "like a bad idea" and "rather deflating."

Aside from the legal issues they are taking on, including hiring a team of "attack dog" lawyers, the Duke and Duchess have also revealed their first plans now that they have returned from Africa.