Meghan Markle has become a favorite subject of hate and criticisms since she started dating Prince Harry in 2016. Things exacerbated when the former “Suits” actress, finally, became a part of the Royal family after she tied the knot with Prince William’s younger brother on May 19, 2018. Amid the dislike and detestation, avid followers and close pals of Meghan continue to show her support and love.

Recently, Meghan found another friend in the person of Daniel Radcliffe. In an interview with People Now, the “Harry Potter” actor shared his thoughts about the current life of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The 30-year-old star stated he can “only imagine” what Prince Harry’s wife is going through with the constant scrutinizing of the press and her critics.

“I feel terrible for Meghan Markle. That's why I always thought [Prince Harry and Meghan's] relationship was sweet,” Daniel said. “Because I was like, 'She must love you, if she wants to get involved in this crazy life.' It must be insane," he went on.

The “Horns” star added he has huge amount of respect to Prince Harry and Prince William, who, he said, grew up in the public eye, before adding he only received a portion of the attention Meghan Markle and her husband have been getting. “So while I'm not into the institution of the monarchy, I have a huge amount of respect and empathy for [the royal family],” Daniel Radcliffe said.

There is no denying that Meghan Markle’s life made a major turn when she became part of the British Royal family. In fact, even before she married Prince Harry, the former actress made some adjustments already. Meghan shut down her lifestyle website called “The Tig” after running it for nearly three years.

A source told People that one of the primary reasons behind Meghan’s decision to close her “passion project” is her desire to focus more on her humanitarian works and role on “Suits” at the time. “The Tig has been a labor of love for Meghan, but it’s a full-time job,” the insider claimed. “She wants to focus this season of Suits, which just starting filming and spending more time in the field on her philanthropy,” it continued.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Bryony Gordon, Meghan Markle said she does not need people to love her but she wants them to hear what she has to say. As a member of the Royal clan, the mom of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor has already learned to accept the endless media scrutiny.

"I find that when you strip all the layers away, as people, and especially as women, we can find deep connection with each other, and a shared understanding," the Duchess told the Telegraph reporter. "One of the things I have realized since being here [in the UK] is that people have an expectation when I'm coming somewhere, so I'm like, let's just be really relaxed, keep everyone nice and chilled, because at the end of the day we're all just women,” Meghan Markle added.

Prince_Harry_and_Meghan_Markle Royals Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are pictured. Photo: Mark Jones/Licensed