Liz Jones believes that Meghan Markle should not be mean to her dad, Thomas Markle Sr.

On Sunday, Jones wrote an article for the Daily Mail with the headline: "Don't be mean to your dad, Meghan - Harry won't like it." The journalist mentioned a number of Thomas' mistakes, but still advised the Duchess of Sussex to reach out to him.

Jones wrote that she believes Thomas should have kept quiet about not receiving a Father's Day card from his royal daughter. She added that he should not have compared himself to Donald Trump and called the Queen despite having no excuse not to meet him. Jones also noted that Thomas should not have shared the conversation he had with Prince Harry about the president of the United States nor the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's eagerness to start their own family.

"But let's face it. He is probably just excited. All parents can be embarrassing. He clearly loves you, and he is clearly reaching out, with open arms," Jones wrote.

Jones also explained that Thomas needed some media training. Unfortunately, he didn't get it. But she then challenged Markle to take charge of her dad.

"Never mind that 'courtiers are at a loss what to do with him'. If you are such an independent woman, why don't you take charge; why don't you decide?" she continued. "So you need to be the bigger person and reach out. Don't be tempted to text: you're not 12. Don't put out an official press release stating 'I have always cared for my father.'"

According to Jones, Markle should tell her dad how much she loves him because a father's love "is just as unconditional." "Let him know what he means to you, but keep it casual," Jones added.

Thomas recently agreed to do a TV interview with ITV's "Good Morning Britain." Days after his TV appearance, he felt that he's being "frozen out" by the palace. According to him, nobody reached out to him after his interview.

Meanwhile, royal commentator Angela Levin found Thomas' interview "almost shocking" and claimed that it would only horrify Markle. She also added that Queen Elizabeth II would be "very angry" about it.