Queen Elizabeth II may become furious over the interview that Meghan Markle's dad, Thomas, did earlier this week.

On Monday, the father of the Duchess of Sussex appeared on ITV's "Good Morning Britain." During his appearance, he revealed a number of things that many believed were very personal. According to royal commentator Angela Levin, the Queen would be upset with what Thomas did.

"I think the Queen will be very angry," Levin said on Channel 5 News (via Express). "She is absolutely the model of the stiff upper lip and not saying anything that is too political."

Levin went on saying that Prince Harry's priority would be his wife. The Duke knew how upset Markle is at the time.

"I think Harry will be very cross but I think he will put all his energy into caring for her," she continued. "He is a very caring man with those he likes and loves and I think he will realize how upset she has been by this. The betrayal it is really."

During Thomas' interview, he shared his personal conversation with Prince Harry and how the Duke of Sussex advised him to give Donald Trump a chance. He also confessed that Prince Harry and Markle want to be parents soon, which Levin thought would only "horrify" his daughter.

"I can't imagine that Meghan is anything other than horrified that he has told the world that she is desperate for a baby and that they are trying to make a baby," Levin said.

According to Levin, fathers should protect their daughters and Thomas' revelations are "really terrible thing to say." "I don't know him but, I think he is perhaps somebody who puts himself first and his daughters needs second," Levin continued.

According to Thomas, Markle cried over him missing the royal wedding. However, he was thankful because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were very forgiving. He was also grateful that it was Prince Charles who sent his daughter away on her wedding day.

"I absolutely wanted to walk my daughter down the aisle. [But] I can’t think of a better replacement than someone like Prince Charles," Thomas said.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II will be very angry with the interview that Meghan Markle's dad, Thomas, did with ITV's "Good Morning Britain." Pictured: Queen Elizabeth arrives by carriage to Royal Ascot Day 1 at Ascot Racecourse on June 19, 2018 in Ascot, United Kingdom. Getty Images/Chris Jackson