Meghan Markle recently drew flak after posting about the nine organizations that they will be following in December.

On her and Prince Harry’s official Instagram account, photos of their chosen organizations were uploaded alongside a lengthy caption.

“With the festive holiday season upon us, it’s also a reminder to reflect on those in need – those who may feel lonely, hungry, homeless, or maybe experiencing the holidays for the first time without loved one,” the first part of the caption read.

Immediately after, critics couldn’t help but criticize the use of the word “holiday” instead of the word “Christmas.” Instagram user mysuburban said that in the United Kingdom, they use the word Christmas and nothing else.

Another netizen wrote, “Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! Repeat after me… Happy… Christ… mas!”

But some supporters of Markle came to her defense by saying that the use of the word holiday was actually correct and more inclusive. After all, not everyone believes in Christ and not everyone celebrates Christmas.

Holiness7777 wrote, “I am in Germany. Happy HOLIDAYS!!! Shalom.”

“Christmas is also known as the holiday or festive season in my British family. And this is an Anglo-American family after all,” Jacy_62 commented.

“It appears they don’t believe in discriminating against those of other faiths, such as Jewish people or Muslims,” social media user Plum_and_thistle wrote.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex was also criticized for talking about celebrating the holiday season with her loved ones. Some Instagram users noted the fact that she has not even patched things up with her dad, Thomas Markle Sr.

Avonlea621 wrote, “Hope you are doing the same and not just preaching as usual.”

“How about an act of kindness toward your lonely, ignored father, Meghan?” Bear_313 wrote.

Vmkyeung added, “I agree. Making sure that family members (parents) don’t feel lonely over Christmas is so important. Charity begins at home.

Markle has not spoken to her dad in over a year. Their falling out started after Thomas posed for fake photos ahead of his daughter’s royal wedding.