Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first child could be a boy.

Psychic Jayne Wallace recently told Express that she spoke with Princess Diana’s spirit and was told that the Duchess of Sussex will have a baby girl shortly after her first child is born.

“Meghan will have a little boy but could have a daughter after her son. Meghan is going through a tough time and does not have the energy she needs from her own family,” Wallace said.

Wallace said that Markle has a similar personality with the Princess of Wales, which means that she would also be a good, strong, and private mom.

Meanwhile, Wallace also talked about Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship. She said that the couple was brought together as soulmates, and they have a very deep, intense, and loving relationship.

Markle and Prince Harry will raise their child to be as private as how Princess Diana raised her sons. Doing so is believed to prevent the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from being scrutinized by the public.

Princess Diana was criticized publicly while raising Prince William and Prince Harry because she broke several royal traditions. But after her marriage to Prince Charles fell apart, Princess Diana’s sons lived with their dad in the palace.

The distance didn’t stop Princess Diana from being involved in raising her two children. Unfortunately, their connection did not last very long because Princess Diana passed away just one year after her divorce from Prince Charles.

In related news, Princess Diana also made headlines this week after she was rumored to have given Markle a word of warning ahead of Baby Sussex’s birth. Even though Princess Diana is no longer alive, her spirit told the clairvoyant that she would always be there for Prince Harry’s wife.

“Meghan will learn from this and will try to keep things as private as possible but still give the public a little bit of what they need in her own time,” Wallace said.