Kate Middleton did her own makeup on her wedding day, but it would be unlikely for Meghan Markle to do the same.

The Duchess of Cambridge insisted on doing her own makeup on her big day despite offers from the professionals. However, the "Suits" actress, who will be walking down the aisle next month, may make a different choice.

Top celebrity beautician Lesley Reynolds was asked if Markle will likely do her own makeup when she ties the knot with Prince Harry, and she gave a negative response. "Definitely not," Reynolds told Express.

"I think she would have her own team over from the US to ensure she looks her best on the big day," the Harley Street Skin founder explained. "A professional will be able to accentuate your best features and create that flawless look without the makeup appearing too heavy or cakey."

"It is also more likely that your makeup will last longer throughout the day and into the night when applied by a professional and be less stressful for the bride," Reynolds continued.

Reynolds believes that Markle will likely seek the help of the award-winning makeup artist Stacey Whittaker because the professional is "so glamorous." As for her makeup, Harley believes that the "Horrible Bosses" star will likely favor a "natural, but polished and sophisticated look" that focuses on her eyes and full lips.

"Meghan does not appear to be a fan of eyeshadow but uses precise eye make-up," Reynolds added. "She may use an eyeliner pencil and several layers of a good quality performance mascara such as Dior or Lancome."

In related news, Markle's previous romance with Corey Vitiello has drawn attention once again. According to David Jones, he was told that the pair broke up over a recipe of a pasta dish.

The hunky chef was reportedly fed up with the future royal's primadonna attitude that embarrassed him on several occasions. However, the last straw for him was when Markle claimed a recipe that was originally his as her own.

Prince Harry and Markle are tying the knot on May 19 at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. They will have a carriage procession after the wedding ceremony.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton
Meghan Markle will not do her own makeup on her wedding day unlike Kate Middleton. Pictured: Markle, Middleton and Prince William attend the first annual Royal Foundation Forum held at Aviva on Feb. 28, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Chris Jackson