Meghan Markle’s CV from when she was still a struggling actress has resurfaced online. The document is getting a lot of attention since it also features a stunning headshot of the 37-year-old royal.

The one-page document contains information about the Duchess of Sussex’s height, weight, and the color of her hair and eyes. Her television and movie appearances are also listed in it. Markle’s CV reveals that she starred in three theater productions and underwent a series of training for her craft.

Some of Markle’s special skills include her fluency in Spanish, her proficiency in French, and her ability to speak Southern, French, Spanish, and Argentine dialects. She is also abreast in kickboxing, tap dancing, ballet, jazz dancing and musical theater.

Markle starred on at least five television shows at the time her CV was sent out. She played the role of Natasha on CBS’ “Century City.” She also starred on ABC’s “General Hospital” as Jill. Markle landed a supporting role on Lucky Duck Prod’s “Nick News W5.” She also appeared on programs called “University Place” and “Prom Inc.”

Prince Harry’s wife also played the role of Hot Chick Natalie in Ashton Kutcher’s movie “A Lot Like Love.” And some of her theater credentials include “Damn Yankees,” “Oedipus Rex,” “Stepping Out,” “Into the Woods,” “Back County Crimes,” “The Boyfriend,” “Annie,” “The Women,” “Stage Door” and “George M.”

Some of Markle’s training for TV and film was with John Homa and Belinda Belosky, theatrical training with David Downs, musical comedy training with Mary Rings, vocal training with Suzanne Kiechle and her voice for performance training was with Linda Gates.

Since Markle’s CV was released while she still didn’t make it big in Hollywood, she was unable to include “Deal or No Deal” and “Suits” in her résumé. Markle also notably played the lead role of Rachel Zane in USA Network’s hit legal drama for seven years.

Prince Harry’s wife announced her departure from “Suits” last year after the royal couple announced their engagement. At the time, Markle told the BBC that she didn’t give up on acting.

“I don’t see it as giving anything up. I just see it as change. It’s a new chapter. And keep in mind I’ve been working on my show for seven years,” she said.