Meghan Markle's half-sister, Samantha Grant, has opened up about the actress' relationship with their dad.

Grant has been commenting a lot about Markle and their family as the "Suits" star's high-profile romance with Prince Harry becomes more prominent. In a recent interview, she said that Markle and their father, Thomas Markle, share a good relationship.

"Their relationship was always good and it still is," Grant told Fox News. "Don't believe anything you read in tabloids… It's just not true. Those stories are written to create controversy and sell magazines."

"Now my father, when we see these tabloids, and it's every day, we just roll our eyes… There are so many rumors, like Meghan doesn't get along with her dad or he's reclusive. He's not. They talk regularly… Her relationship growing up with him was great. It's still great now," Grant continued.

Grant's statement was a response to reports claiming that Prince Harry's fiancée prefers her mom, Doria Radlan, to walk her down the aisle because her father has been absent in her life.

According to Grant, Markle and their dad have never lost their communication. In fact, in one interview she stressed that Markle would never enjoy her success without their dad who gave her the best education and social connections. Their dad was a former lighting director and has known a lot of connection in the industry.

Due to their father's influence on Markle, Grant asked the "Horrible Bosses" star to recognize their dad's effort by supporting him financially.

Grant has caught the attention of the media when she announced her book "The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister" while threatening Markle that she might not like what was written in there. However, Grant later denied that the book was a slamming tell-all. She also denied the rift between her and the princess in waiting.

"The tabloids really milk that for all it's worth, so it created a divide between Meghan and I," Grant said She also added that their family is "so normal."

It remains unknown who will walk with Markle during the bridal procession as different sources claim different things. "Meghan asked her father to walk her down the aisle," one source told Entertainment Tonight. "She does want him included and she wants to uphold tradition."

"I've heard that Meghan wants her mother to walk her down the aisle, which would be a sweet moment," another insider told Us Weekly.