Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly arrives at the Time 100 gala celebrating the magazine's naming of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2014. Reuters

Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly, a frequent target of GOP front-runner Donald Trump, took a shot at her colleagues in the media Wednesday while defending a CNN reporter from the candidate's ire. Trump had appeared on CNN's "New Day" the day before and wailed on the work of the network's reporter Sara Murray, who covered one of his book signings this week.

Host Chris Cuomo pushed back, but as Kelly played the clips on Fox, it became clear that Trump steamrolled Cuomo in his huff over Murray's insufficiently glowing reports.

"He's getting a little bit sharper in his language against his competitors and, I guess, is just as ornery as ever about reporters who don't cover him exactly the way he wants to be covered," Kelly said.

Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz sounded surprised: He was at the event at Trump Tower and actually heard the candidate praising Murray's questions as "great" and "wonderful." Kurtz said he was baffled by Trump's decision to lash out at her only hours later but figured that, as soon as Trump felt he was being undermined by the press in any way, he lost his temper.

The host of "The Kelly File" then mounted her own defense of Murray.

"I don't really know this reporter that well, but we took a quick look at her reports," Kelly said. She walked through the reports, which she called fair, noting that Murray went out of her way to note Trump's large crowds and Trump's steady poll dominance. "Unless you say it just the way he wants you to say it, you get hit," Kelly added.

Kelly then turned to former White House press secretary and current Fox News personality Dana Perino, who also defended CNN's Murray.

"I think Sara Murray's a great reporter, and I think Chris Cuomo did a nice job of trying to defend her," Perino said.

Kelly didn't have the same respect for Cuomo. Closing the segment, she put on a voice of feigned anxiety, saying that so many reporters, including Cuomo, end up asking Trump: "Am I fair? Do you think I'm fair? I'm fair though, right? Do you think I've been fair in this interview?"