• Melania Trump commended the success of her 'Be Best' initiative during the 2020 National PTA Legislative Conference
  • The FLOTUS' speech focused on one of the pillars of her campaign
  • CNN reporter Kate Bennett claimed Melania Trump failed to talk about the recent coronavirus outbreak that affected thousands of people around the globe

Melania Trump continues working very hard to solve some of the most glaring societal issues most children and youth face today despite all the hate she has been receiving since 2017. The First Lady of the United States has become favorite subject criticisms and condemnations when she assumed the role of Michelle Obama three years ago. Recently, the wife of President Donald Trump made headlines again after she graced the 2020 National PTA Legislative Conference, Tuesday.

Netizens irked with Melania’s 10-minute speech during the said event. Political Flare shared the FLOTUS praised the success of the “Be Best” campaign and talked about the perils of cyberbullying. The mom of Barron Trump revealed she has visited numerous schools, government agencies, private institutions and hospitals as part of her campaign to combat this issue. Melania even emphasized that social networking sites can have bad effects when not used properly.

“When used properly, the internet can be a tool for good. When not used properly, it can be destructive and dangerous,” Melania Trump stated. “Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help us share important life updates with family, friends, and colleagues, learn about topics that spark our interest, and stay informed on the latest news happening in our communities, in our country, and around the world. But in many cases social media platforms can have a negative and even deadly impact on our youth,” she continued.

As per usual, Melania’s statements were met with negative reactions from her critics. “Melania tells national PTA how great she is. Ignores all other concerns,” Dr. Robert Fortuna wrote on Twitter. “Talking about how she handles cyber bullying. Seriously?! Her husband is the worst bully in America... and she’s no jewel!” a netizen stated. “Shameful that the National PTA invited her to speak!” Joan Randall said.

“Was she once a man? I'm not trying to be funny but she looks like a second rate drag queen,” a fourth Twitter user shared. “I actually think she's Caitlyn Jenner. That's why you never see them together,” Magilla Porker Bowels penned online. “Melania is the parent who doesn’t pay PTA dues, then complains about everything and not only doesn’t bring a baked good, won’t buy one or help sell one at the fundraiser. #trumpTrashFamily,” Rich Lindroos claimed. “I am thoroughly disgusted with @NationalPTA and @NPTAPresident for even thinking this was a good idea! How did people sit there and not laugh her off the stage!” another netizen added.

Meanwhile, CNN reporter Kate Bennett noticed that the FLOTUS did not mention about the coronavirus outbreak during her speech. The journalist shared PTA national president Leslie Boggs talked about the health crisis before Melania stepped on the stage to give her remarks. She even thanked the attendees for all the efforts they did to help to stop the spread of the virus.

Melania Trump has yet to comment on the harsh remarks.