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Twitter users have reacted to Melania Trump and Ivana Trump’s first lady feud.

In 2017, Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana called herself the first lady in an interview with “Good Morning America” because she was the POTUS’ first wife. Shortly after the interview, the FLOTUS’ spokesperson called and gave a statement.

Stephani Grisham described Ivana’s interview was“attention seeking and self-serving noise.” She also explained how Melania is using her title and role in the White House.

The Twitter users had mixed reactions about the issue. Some believed that being Donald’s first lady is something that they should not be proud of.

“Calling yourself Trump First Lady, is nothing to be proud of! Nor is second or third Trump lady!” one user commented on USA Today’s post.

Another user said that she does “totally agree.” She added that for her, Melania actually didn’t care about the statement.

Asier L ancho Diego also defended Melania. According to the user, Melania didn’t personally criticize Ivana as the caption on the post read. Second, she described the first lady as someone who is “intelligent to not cause a stir.” Third, she was convinced that the FLOTUS is hurt over the public exposure of Ivana’s declarations.

Meanwhile, some criticized Ivanka’s mom and even accused her of cashing in on Melania. One said that Ivana was just “trying to milk that cow.”

Some also defended Ivana because for them, her statement was taken out of context. Also, they stressed that Ivanka’s mother was only joking so Melania should keep her cool.

“I think her comment was taken out of context. She said she was the 1st Trump wife so she is First Lady in regards to wives,” Rhonda wrote.

In related news, Melania reportedly had a warm relationship with her daughter-in-law Ivanka. However, their dynamic changed when they moved to the White House. Kate Bennett said that Melania and Ivanka are splitting.

First Lady Melania Trump at the Red Cross
First Lady Melania Trump helps volunteers assemble military comfort kits for deployed American troops Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018, at the American Red Cross Headquarters in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks) Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks