• Melania Trump recently gave an update regarding the ongoing renovations at the White House
  • The FLOTUS was mocked for renovating the White House 
  • Melania Trump was lambasted for giving the renovations utmost importance over other more important matters 

Melania Trump recently received a slew of criticisms after she gave her millions of social media followers an update regarding the ongoing renovations at the White House.

On Twitter, the FLOTUS shared a video of the East Room floor restoration, as well as the wall upholstery in the Red and Blue Rooms at the White House. The renovations started in 2019, and the first lady said that they will continue this year.

After sharing her renovation update, the FLOTUS was mocked by some netizens who accused her of wasting money instead of using her resources to help those in need. President Donald Trump’s wife was also lambasted for giving the renovations of utmost importance while Iran and the United States are at war.

“So glad! And, after all, upholstery is SO important in a country where drinking water is poisoning children, farmers are losing their farms, people are working two jobs to make ends meet, elders are dying they can’t afford their prescriptions. I hope you picked nice colors!” Twitter user @ammamaw said.

“Excellent use of tax dollars on a completely immediately necessary project in the @WhiteHouse. Too bad #WeThePeople will #EvictTheTrumps in 2020,” Twitter user @VibeSoHigh said.

“Your husband just had a man assassinated, Melania. Not sure if you heard over the fluttering of canvases,” Twitter user @Ceilidh__ said.

“More wasted money. People in Puerto Rico have no homes and Trump will not help them out and you brag about this,” Twitter user @lovelifetodaypl said.

Meanwhile, some netizens also made fun of the fact that English isn’t Melania’s first language. The FLOTUS was accused of not writing the caption of the video herself.

“You so didn’t write this. ‘Craftsmen’ just doesn’t sound like you,” Twitter user @octo_ said.

“Maybe someday miss genius will learn English well enough to type her own tweets. I mean by that time her meal ticket will be in prison and she will be hitting skins with the pool boy so maybe it won’t matter,” Twitter user @jaygriffin8 said.

FLOTUS Melania Trump visits military children
First Lady Melania Trump interacts with Ilana Jordan, an Imagine Andrews student, at the youth center on Joint Base Andrews, Md., Sept. 15, 2017. The facility offers various programs such as before and after school care, social recreation, sports and fitness and instructional programs for more than 800 children. Photo by Senior Airman Jordyn Fetter/U.S. Air Force Photo by Senior Airman Jordyn Fetter/U.S. Air Force