• Melania Trump starred in a one-minute PSA about the coronavirus
  • The FLOTUS was mocked due to her English accent
  • Melania Trump didn't grow up in the United States that's why she has a thick Slovenian accent 

Melania Trump recently shared an informative PSA about the deadly coronavirus on her Twitter account this week.

In the one-minute video, the FLOTUS talked about the sudden changes that American families are experiencing because of the deadly virus and said that the changes are only temporary.

“Today I want to speak with you about coronavirus and what it means for you and your family. While changes need to be made now, this is not how we will live forever. Our children will return to school, people will return to work, and we will gather at the places of worship, concerts and sporting events again. I urge you to stay connected to family and loved ones through video chats, phone calls, social media, and other safety technologies,” she said.

According to Daily Mail, the FLOTUS isn’t the only person to appear in the coronavirus PSA. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx, and even Donald Trump also gave special messages addressed to all Americans.

However, it seems that the first lady’s PSA is the one that was criticized the most online. The majority of her bashers couldn’t help but make fun of Melania’s accent. After all, the first lady was not born and raised in the United States.

“With that accent – hard to understand. Speak English,” Twitter user @SandDollar04 said.

“Speak English,” Twitter user @lij54313 said.

“What is she saying? Her thick Russian accent makes it hard to understand,” Twitter user @CanadianFlags said.

Meanwhile, Melania’s supporters couldn’t help but defend her from her critics.

“We LOVE our First Lady! Our first lady has fled a communist country, came to the US as an immigrant, became an American citizen, and now is our First Lady— she speaks five languages and exhibits grace on the world stage! She is the epitome of the American dream! ” Twitter user @Lrihendry said.

“She’s totally amazing,” Twitter user @lysann_stock said.