Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. Mark Twain said it best when he articulated the sheer necessity of fashion and, more literally, men's fashion.

Come the holiday season, a man seems to have a greater chance than ever to dress up and show the world exactly what he is made of. Winter clothes echo with ruggedness - thick wool fabrics, richly deep colors, knotted knits and durable leathers.

This holiday season, it is easy to err towards those staples. But try adding a bit of polish to really make this season special.

Leather brouges are classic. With extra detailing, they truly stand out. A pop of color on a sweater or a cufflink will add a festive feel. A pocket square and a black-and-rose gold watch are luxe extras to wear with any attire.

If you are not one to change up your daily uniform even for the most glitzy of winter affairs, then make sure to go for some holiday-inspired extras. Try some peppermint-accented cologne, metallic speakers or limited edition designer wine to make your fete memorable.

Remember, style resonates in spite of fashion.

Check out these twelve luxe essentials for any holiday fete.