The Met Gala red carpet arrivals in New York City


  • A$AP Rocky jumped a barricade outside New York City's Carlyle Hotel Monday evening
  • Jared Leto paid homage to Karl Lagerfeld's beloved cat Choupette by wearing a fur suit to the Met Gala
  • "Tax the rich" protesters temporarily blocked a car allegedly carrying Paris Hilton from making its way to the musuem

Celebrities made their way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City Monday night for the 2023 Met Gala, sporting looks that pay homage to the legendary German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The annual fundraiser event garners a lot of attention and anticipation each year due to the big names invited, red-carpet fashion, and celebrity antics, and this year's Met Gala is no exception.

Below are five crazy moments at the 2023 Met Gala.

1. A$AP Rocky jumps a barricade to get to hotel

A$AP Rocky was filmed jumping over a barricade to get inside New York City's Carlyle Hotel Monday evening ahead of the Met Gala.

A viral video shared by the "NFR" podcast on Twitter showed the 34-year-old rapper — who is dating Rihanna — going incognito among the crowd gathered outside the luxury hotel, where many celebrities were preparing for the fashion gala.

Rocky, who wore a black hoodie and dark sunglasses, can be seen jumping the barricade before pulling down his hoodie to reveal his identity, leaving fans shocked.

It's unclear why the "Fashion Killa" rapper was in the crowd and whether it was a PR stunt.

2. "Tax the rich" protesters gather outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art

A group of "Tax the rich" protesters caused a ruckus outside the 2023 Met Gala Monday night as they railed against the lavish event.

They allegedly blocked a van carrying Paris Hilton from making its way to the museum, according to a tweet from Inc. staff reporter Sarah Lynch.

A viral video showed one protester being arrested by the New York City Police Department on the street. However, it was unclear why the person was being apprehended.

3. Celebrities go incognito

Some celebrities went the extra mile to conceal their Met Gala looks before stepping on this year's beige carpet.

A clip from the event posted by pop culture Twitter account Pop Tingz showed an unidentified celebrity being carried by staff inside what appeared to be a body bag.

Some social media users speculated that they could be Anna Oxa, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga or Camila Cabello, while some quipped that they may be Heidi Klum "as a worm."

Another viral clip showed an unidentified star heading out of The Mark Hotel covered by black umbrellas and guarded by security.

Some onlookers can be heard shouting Doja Cat in the background, followed by a chorus of "boos" when the celebrity refused to show their face.

4. Jared Leto cosplays Lagerfeld's cat Choupette

Jared Leto, 51, paid homage to Lagerfeld's beloved cat at the 2023 Met Gala as he appeared on the carpet wearing a full fur suit that resembles the late designer's Birman cat Choupette, as seen in photos obtained by Page Six.

The "Suicide Squad" star — who is set to star in and produce a biopic of the late Chanel fashion designer — later changed into a more formal outfit: an all-black ensemble with a silver necklace, a black cape and white shoulder pads.

5. Lil Nas X goes nearly naked

Lil Nas X nearly bared it all at this year's gala, wearing nothing but a silver thong and platform booties.

For his daring Met Gala look, the 24-year-old rapper was covered in silver body paint and shimmery rhinestones and had pearl detailing around his neck and face that resemble the features of a cat. His whole face was covered with silver, pearls and diamantés.

The look was designed by Pat McGrath and created in collaboration with Dior Men, with creative direction by Nicola Formichetti and long silver nails by Temeka Jackson.

The look was composed of a whopping 5,000 stones and 218,784 round flatback Swarovski crystals and took more than 10 hours to complete, according to a press release from Swarovski and the legendary makeup artist's representative.

"Lil Nas X approached this year's Met Gala with a vision to create a beauty look that was as daring and transformative as his personality," McGrath said in the release, obtained by Page Six.

She continued, "We incorporated over 5,000 crystals for the ultimate avante-garde style. The look is a celebration of self-expression and individuality while pushing the limits of traditional beauty standards."

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