A large “fireball” like a meteor was seen flashing across the sky in parts of Missouri including the city of St. Louis and Columbia. The Incident occurred at 8:51 p.m. local time (9:51 p.m. EST) on Monday night.

According to reports, the residents of Missouri heard a loud noise across the region after the presence of the meteor in the sky. The meteor was also seen in St. Charles, Weldon Spring, and some parts of the neighboring states.

The Missouri Police said they received numerous calls from residents after witnessing the phenomena as they wanted to know if there were any casualties or damages caused by the meteor. However, there were no reports of damages or injuries.

“Felt a big shake and heard a boom tonight and figured something fell in the house but turns out a meteor came near us,” a resident in O’Fallon said.

David Vergel, a twitter user, posted footage of the incident using an EarthCam.

The National Weather Service at St. Louis confirmed there was a meteor. Though the agency wasn't sure if the meteor hit the ground, it stated that typically meteors burn up in the atmosphere before making an impact on the earth.