Have you been following Michael Weatherly since his ‘90s TV days? Or maybe you joined the Weatherly train during his over 10 years on “NCIS” or just started to take notice of the actor when his new CBS series “Bull” premiered?

However and whenever you discovered the actor, there’s always more to discover about him. This handy list of fun facts about the 49-year-old star will help you feel a bit more connected and enjoy watching him on the screen even more.

Plays A Pretend Doctor, Married A Real One: Not only does Weatherly currently play a doctor of psychology in his new series, but he also played a gynecologist in a couple episodes of a David E. Kelley-created series called “Girls Club” in 2002.

While he’s played a doctor a couple of times, his second and current wife, Dr. Bojana Jankovic, is one in real life. The couple married in 2009 and have two children.

Art Imitates Life: When Weatherly was on “NCIS,” his character Tony Dinozzo was known to have had a falling out with his father, who was played by Robert Wagner, but that was actually written into the series because of his real-life background.

Weatherly comes from a wealthy family, but he was cut off after he pursued acting and his father disapproved. His dad decided that he wanted his son to earn his own way.

Triathlon Athlete: The actor spent months training for the competition, which features swimming, cycling and running, and finally completed it in September 2014. Along the way, he made sure to post training sessions on social media, as well as a photo on the big day after her successfully finished the course.

Acting Family: While his current wife is not an actress, he does have another actor in his family. Weatherly is the uncle of “This Is Us” star Alexandra Breckenridge.

Music Man: Aside from acting, the CBS star is also a musician and performed multiple songs for the “NCIS” soundtracks. Also, early on, when he was an out-of-work actor in New York City, he used to play guitar in the subway.

College Non-Graduate: Although the actor pursued further education before going after acting full-time, he never graduated from college. That’s despite going to four different colleges, too.

It was good that he finally decided what he wanted to with his life, though, because originally he wanted to be a baseball player, and then he wanted to be a stuntman. He changed his mind often, but once he decided on acting, he’s stuck with it and has become very successful with multiple show leads to his name.

Catch Weatherly on “Bull” on CBS on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST.