There have been rampant rumors since January over the possibility of a disc-less Xbox One S launching in 2019. Recent reports suggest the system could be available sooner rather than later.

German website Winfuture on Thursday leaked an image of the system amid reports that the system will be physically identically to the regular Xbox One S, but without the disc drive. It will also come with copies of "Minecraft," "Forza Horizon 3," and "Sea of Thieves" pre-installed.

It will retail for $260, as opposed to previous reports that claimed it would be $200. Winfuture also noted that it will be available on May 7.

But when will it officially be announced?

Taking a page out of Nintendo’s playbook, Microsoft is holding an Inside Xbox event Tuesday that will be focusing on the upcoming FanFest and E3. VG247 speculates that, given previous reports at the system launching in late spring, the all-digital Xbox One S would also be unveiled during this event.

Microsoft has confirmed updates on Xbox Game Pass, details on "Sea of Thieves" Anniversary Update, an in-depth look at "Warhammer Chaosbane," and a preview of "Rage 2."

The Inside Xbox event will go live on Tuesday at 5 p.m. ET and 10 p.m. in the U.K.